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  1. SimonB

    Video ? Problem

    Hi I have a problem that I do not understand! I have a PPC G5 (iSight) running 10.4.11. I have a strange video issue with images (photos and video). I first noticed it when using Skype, I can see densely packed blue vertical rectangles (1mm x 4mm) on top of the image. I have since realized that they are also present in iPhoto images and with the screen saver (apples inbuilt images). However they are not present when using apps like Word .... a blank white page is just that! If they were present all the time I would assume it was a video card issue but .... Any clues would be appreciated! Simon Istanbul (a long way from a Genius!)
  2. SimonB

    External Hard Drive

    Hi I assume this is a simple question. A local store id offering a Philips USB 2.0 hard drive at a very low price. It requires windows OS according to the box. Will it work on a mac as USB 2.0 is a standard? Thanks Simon B
  3. SimonB


    Hi Can someone recommend a good make of Digital Photo frame! I would like to store say 100 photos on it (they have internal memory I think) and set it running a s a slide show! Thanks Simon
  4. SimonB

    Printer, scanner, fax all-in-one

    I have an HP all in one that works great with my mac. A word of caution though ... it is not compatible with Airport base stations! http://www.apple.com/macosx/upgrade/printers.html Simon
  5. SimonB

    MacBook Pro Lockups

    Lock ups are often caused by bad RAM (mine was). Assume that you have run the Hardware Test that came on the original system disks (either as a seperate disk or on Disk 1) and it did not find any problems. However look at this RAM test http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?story=20050524014158525 http://www.kelleycomputing.net:16080/rember/ Simon
  6. SimonB

    Help with Hwlp

    Hi I have an iMac G5 which configures an old Airport base station. I also have a Macbook. Whenever I activate Help Viewer on the MacBook i get the spinning beachball followed by "Looking up iMac" in an AFP Connection Status pop-up. Eventually I must cancel the AFP box and then force quit the Help Viewer. I assume at some point I have connected these computers ... how do I undo this? Many thanks in advance Simon
  7. SimonB

    External HD wont stay mounted

    Disconnect all other external devices and see what happens ..
  8. SimonB

    I must sound like an idiot.

    I still think that reapplying the latest combo system update is worth a try ...
  9. SimonB

    I must sound like an idiot.

    OK My recommendation is to dowload and reapply the most recent combo system update for either PPC or Intel http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...oupdateppc.html or http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...pdateintel.html Simon
  10. SimonB

    I must sound like an idiot.

    Very odd. First thing do not do anything in a hurry ... I assume you have rebooted (from a full shutdown and removing the power cord) and the problem persists. What application did you recently download. Can you run disk utility from the applications>utilities folder ?
  11. SimonB

    Good All-In-One Printer for Mac

    Just a note to add. I use an older airport base station and the HP 1510 all in onethat I have is not compatible with the wireless network! Simon
  12. SimonB

    any way to lock the keyboard?

    This may do the trick ... http://jan.prima.de/~jan/plok/archives/48-...rd-Cleaner.html
  13. SimonB

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    Yup, I have been here for 12 years now and have no plans to leave ... So does Caffine do the trick?
  14. SimonB

    How to Keep Hard Drive Awake

    Would Caffine do the trick? http://www.lightheadsw.com/caffeine/ Simon
  15. SimonB

    Admin Accounts

    Seems simple when you know how ... Thank you