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  1. Mavericks Mail on My Mind

  2. Andi Hawes

    Mavericks Mail Sync Problems

    and also, as i have just proved right now, again, new mail doesn't get delivered to OSX device. i have an unread email on my iPhone from 6am, its now 7am and it hasn't appeared on my OSX device. i have requested new mail many times within that hour to no avail. i quit mail and restart and it appears. This is regular operation. all devices and machines are fully up to date
  3. Andi Hawes

    Mavericks Mail Sync Problems

    Hi Forum has anyone else [well, i know yes but the question is rhetorical] been having issues with Mavericks Mail and its syncing and operation between itself on multiple OSX devices and/or Phone? i and many others: https://discussions.apple.com/message/24470415#24470415 have been seeing very strange behaviour from the application in regards to: IMAP syncing across devices is none existent changes on one device don't reflect on others/another: rules, emails read, read counts, and other emails double and triple up on iphone i have Indev Mailtags and they don't apply evenly. I apply some to my MBP and they don't appear on Mini. and then delete themselves on MBP [appearing to think that the Mini is the master] its really thrown my working schedule out as i reply on Mail, and these tags to be able to work, tag, compile working schedules, and i can't reply on anything any device says as when i go to another device i have different tags, different mail, different unread mail in different orders. very very VERY frustrating when this software is key to Apples core software Anyone else?