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  1. Diman

    iWeb Publish Error

    Hi, It appears to be a network issue, as I don't have an issue publishing from a 10Gb/s link at Global Switch Datacentre in Sydney (I tried this several times with no Publishing errors on this link). I'm not surprised that USA users don't have this issue, as .Mac Servers are located there. However as I generally add to my Blog at home on my 24Mb/s ADSL2+ link, it will not be practical to go to a Tier 3 Datacentre just to publish my personal Blog. Hence I found the work-around listed below. Publish your iWeb site to a Folder and upload it to your iDisk "Sites" folder using "Transmit" from http://www.panic.com/transmit (a free program that supports the WebDav upload procotol). Your web site URL will simply be http://homepage.mac.com/username instead of the usual http://web.mac.com/username if you successfuly publish directly from iWeb. There are limitations in using this method, i.e. You don't get Search, Blog Comments or iPhoto-like Slideshows, but Transmit works everytime! This issue is caused by Apple not thinking about or supporting any countries other that the USA. Who knows maybe they will one day move .Mac Servers to Australia. Due to this issue, I am very unlikely to renew my .Mac Membership next year, as I can purchase plenty of Web Space for $139 per year from providers who have their servers in Australia - heck Google, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL Mail all offer 2Gb Inboxes for free. I love the Apple platform design, OS-X stability and usability, but their support turn-around in Australia is terrible. I had a Mighty Mouse die - four week turn-around replacement. My iBook battery needed replacement under recall program - three week turn-around replacement. My MacBook suffered from Random Shutdown Syndrome - three week turn-around on a Heatsink replacement. My MacBook power-brick burnt out - two weeks waiting so far. Perhaps if we had 200 million potential customers in Australia, Apple would bother holding parts in-country to support their product failures/warranties. Anyway good luck. Diman.
  2. Diman

    iWeb Publish Error

    I now get another error - An error occurred while publishing file “imageEffectsBelow_nav-9-CB002521-bk.png.” Try choosing File > Publish All. When I try Publish All, I get another error - An error occurred while publishing file “/Web/Sites/iWeb/My Blog/Dimantha's Blog/C5B9CE8A-50EF-4DF9-878E-A5B27EAE8177_files/imageEffectsBelow_nav-9-CB002521-bk.png”. I cannot believe that Apple hasn't addressed this problem and bought out a fix for iWeb, which clearly has issues with publishing. Any ideas or tips anyone?
  3. Diman

    iWeb Publish Error

    I just spent AU$139.00 only to find that iWeb gives me the following error when trying to publish a simple Blog. Publish Error: An error occurred while publishing file “/Web/Sites/iWeb/My Blog/Dimantha's Blog”. There is no help offered by Apple Help files or Support web site. Any idea's how I can get around this error and get iWeb 1.1.1 to publish to my .Mac Account? Thanks.
  4. Diman

    White Screen with Red Lines

    I did contemplate Archive and Install, but I figured that if I had serious software corruption a clean install would be better. I not only have a faster running machine, I seem to have gained back 10Gb of disk space after restoring all my data, which is a bonus! Thanks for your tip.
  5. Diman

    White Screen with Red Lines

    Thanks for your advice everyone. I did backup my data and settings onto an external Firewire HDD and then reinstalled from OS X Install Disks. This process did take 6 hours, but was overall much easier than trying to reinstall a Windows machine. I am happy to say that my MacBook is running very nicely now. It appears to run much faster than it did before. I wonder if this is a manufacturing defect with the way they image the hard drives. Has anyone heard of this happening to MacBook users lately?
  6. Diman

    White Screen with Red Lines

    Earlier in the week AppleCare got me to Reset NVRAM and Reset PMU, after this I get White Screen with Red Vertical Lines on Start-up. AppleCare has now suggested that I may have a corrupt Software Image that shipped with my MacBook and I should perform a Apple Hardware Test and if this comes up OK, I should Backup Data and Reinstall from the OS X Install Disks. Reinstalling will be such a pain, as I have already loaded my 80Gb HDD up with Music, Pictures, Movies and Software. Any suggestions other than Reinstall? Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I got AppleCare to assist with a microphone problem the other day and now whenever I powerdown my MacBook and start it up, I get a White Screen with Red Verticle Lines. I can get around this issue with Option-Command-P-R on start-up, but I surely shouldn't have to do this everytime I boot. Anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks.
  8. Diman

    Headset with Macbook

    Hi All, Thanks for the posts, I might have to choose my words more carefully, as I haven't gotten rid of my MacBook. Sorry for venting, I was just annoyed with AppleCare not being upfront about my issue and suggesting that the standard non-powered microphone wasn't compatible. I am a recent switcher (1 Year, previously had iBook without Line-In), who was used to having headphone and microphone ports on all the PCs & Laptops I've owned over the last 15 years. I will read the fine-print more carefully before purchasing peripherals for my MacBook from now on, as a lesson well learned. I am using a Logitech USB Headset/Microphone now and very happy with its capabilities. It appears that whilst Apple has switched to the Intel CPU platform, it still integrates its hardware with Apple Design principles, which is great and one of the reasons I switched platforms!
  9. Diman

    Headset with Macbook

    I spent 38 pointless minutes on the phone with Applecare, so yes we did select the Sound Input Device as "Line In", amongst other troubleshooting procedures. I guess that's the point - it doesn't indicate "Microphone In" nor does it indicate anywhere on any Apple Web site that the MacBook supports Microphone Input. It does say on Apple Support pages under MacBook: External ports and connectors - "Analog line and optical digital audio input is accepted through a 3.5mm mini phone jack which does not provide power to a connected device, so you must use self-powered peripherals." So does that mean that you MUST us a self-powered Microphone? Where does one get one and how much? This is poor design and marketing on Apple's entry level notebook. Apple specifically markets the Macbook stating "Analog and digital audio in and out" What they appear to have forgotten is a disclaimer that states "Requires self-powered Microphone" Someone please confirm my conclusion, MacBook cannot support standard Headset/Microphone, as these units do NOT have self-powered microphones, therefore the only solution really is to buy a more expensive USB Headset/Microphone. Correct?
  10. Diman

    Headset with Macbook

    Hi All, I was the proud owner of a 13" Black MacBook, until today. It appears that the Apple MacBook does NOT support plugging in standard PC compatible Headset/Microphone devices, as the Line-In/Microphone port does not pickup the Microphone. I have logged a support call with Apple and they suggested that this is NOT a known issue and it they should work. In testing I replaced my Headset/Microphone and tried a couple of different models from NetComm (Australian Brand), Logitech and Sony, all fail to register the Microphone. The Line-In/Microphone port on my Macbook definitely works, as I can run the output of my iPod into the MacBook and record using GarageBand and QuickTime Pro. Strangely standard headphones, like Apple iPod Headphones or Sony Headphones work as Microphone input devices through this Line-In/Microphone port, but standard Headset/Microphone devices commonly used on PCs for Skype, Yahoo Messenger usage, do NOT work on The MacBook. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone offer an explanation or work-around, as Apple has not being helpful in resolving my issue. Thanks.