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    Illustrator Replacement

    I am a broke student in need of a Vector image program for my mac and(do I dare say it) PC... and I would like it to be free. That said, it isn't that important, I just thought it would be fun to play with. Thanks for your help -Nick D
  2. wiskid550

    need something designed? - I want to help

    A couple of questions... 1 Is it free?? 2 Yes I would like to see your work. --Nick D
  3. wiskid550

    Apple TV Error

    Sorry to be a pain Adam but in the description for your Apple TV Special, it said that the Apple TV was previewed at WWDC. Being a perfectionist, I just had to point out that that device was previewed at the Apple "Showtime" Event. Again, sorry to be a pain, i just wanted to point this out. Love the show and keep up the good work.-Nick D
  4. wiskid550

    Airline Adaptor

    FINALLY... APPLE HAS COME OUT WITH A AIRLINE ADAPTOR http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...More=MA598Z%2FA
  5. wiskid550

    Green Screen

    I am a fairly new mac user. I swiched for my movies. Now that im running my iMac i was wondering is there a fairly cheep (less than $200) software for green screening that will work with imovie and final cut express?
  6. What makes a mac better than a pc