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  1. A workaround for the problem Mark was having with the compose new email window appearing behind the main mail window (show #238) is to close the main mail window when you are finished with it. Most of us switchers equate a window with an application. That is not true for many OSX programs, like Mail, Safari and even iTunes. The application continues to run in the background with no active window. Mail continues run and dock badges continue to update. An application launcher or clicking on the dock icon will bring mail into focus and create a new main mail window but Quicksilver, and I suspect other launchers, will bring mail into focus and open a new compose window. Since it is the only application window, it should be in front.
  2. I have a problem with the preview application. I download a copy of our local paper and occasionally like to use the select tool to highlight an article then copy it to the clipboard with COMMAND+C. I then select the 'new from clipboard' item under the file menu. A new window opens with the article in it and it looks fine. However if i save the document, the image changes to contain image data outside the original crop area. Has anyone else had this issue? And is there a known correction or workaround?