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  1. starfire

    iCal problem

    OK I found the calendar folder and trashed the subscribed calendar and now things are good in the world.
  2. starfire

    iCal problem

    I have tried and no I can't.
  3. starfire

    iCal problem

    Calendars don't show up in my Library. Might that be part of the problem?
  4. starfire

    iCal problem

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with iCal. Starting yesterday my iCal on startup starts downloading from god knows where and when it reaches about the 500th item it just freezes up. I recently subscribed to an RSS feed from one of my other online calendars and that was fine for about 2 weeks. I ran disc utility and cocktail and zapped my PRAM. What else can I do to solve this issue? I am running 10.4.11 on a G5 iMac. Scott
  5. I made the switch to Imap on my Gmail account. Can I now delete the old POP account or can they both exist in Apple Mail?
  6. Hi. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on printer sharing between Mac and PC through the Airport Extreme. I am trying to share a Brother MFC-7420. I have no problem printing from my Mac but I just can't figure out the PC thing. Any help would be wonderful.
  7. starfire

    transferring software.

    If I were to get another Mac would I be able to transfer programs from my PowerBook G4 to said new Mac. I don't have the discs for some of my programs anymore but would like them on my new Mac.
  8. I am loving my new Airport Extreme! It replaced an older Linksys Wireless router and has performed flawlessly. I get better reception and the speeds are always steady. I bought it so I could network some external hard drives and setup was a breeze. I am using a 12" PowerBook G4.
  9. I just got the below email from Apple. I love when stuff comes early! To Our Valued Apple Customer: Apple today began shipping our new AirPort Extreme Base Station (802.11n). We are delighted to tell you that we plan to ship your AirPort Extreme Base Station (802.11n) two weeks earlier than we had anticipated. We now plan to ship your product on or before Wednesday, February 14. No action on your part is required. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification that will contain tracking information. For the latest information on your order, please visit our online self-service site: www.apple.com/orderstatus. Thank you for choosing Apple! Sincerely, Apple Store Customer Support
  10. starfire

    Merging files

    Hello. I have an external hardrive that I am using as an archive/backup for my G4 Powerbook. It's Harddrive is much bigger than my Powerbook's obviously so I was wondering how you go about dragging folders over. When I drag my iPhoto Library over to the external drive I get a dialog box that says "An older file with that name already exists, do you want to replace it?) What I want to do is add to it without erasing the data that is only on the external drive. What are my options? I have read a bit about an App called FileMerge. Is their something glaringly easy that I am not thinking about? Sometimes I feel like such a newb on my Mac even though it is all I have ever used. starfire**
  11. starfire

    Swapping Hard Drives Around.

    We have a 400MHz Power PC G4 at my work with a 10 GB Hard drive and a 80 Gb Hard Drive. I believe the 80GB Hard Drive was installed later in this computers life. Currently all of the applications reside on the smaller drive and I would like to make the 80GB Drive the main drive. Is their an easy way to do this? Thanks for any help you Mac Geeks can provide.
  12. starfire

    Backup help.

    Hello all. I have a backup question. I have a 12" G4 PowerBook with a 40 GB harddrive that is almost always near full. I have filled up one external hardrive and I am working on my second. I have always in the past just dragged files to the external drive but I have never done a full bootable backup. My question is, if I use Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper how do I manage what I keep on my computer or the external drive. Does the backup software guide you through that process? I have always been confused about backing up so any tutorials or articles you could point me to would be awesome. I love my mac.
  13. I have an external hard drive that I would like to be able to access wirelessly. Is there a way to hook it up to a PC in my house and use that to access the hard drive? If anyone could point me to a good tutorial I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for any help you all can give.
  14. starfire

    Maccast 100 video

    My real name is Scott, I'm from Duluth, MN. and I have had the nick-name Starfire for about 9 years. My website is www.starfire.tv
  15. Anyone here having problems with there Nano's? I bought one for my boyfriend and he had scratches on the front within the hour. So far the screen is working fine as is everything else. Check out http://homepage.mac.com/matthewdotcom/flaw/this site for more info.