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  1. Walafrid

    print to PDF

    Hello there! Did you know that you can print to PDF from any OS X application by using the little PDF button/drop-down menu at the bottom of the print dialogue box? (Sorry if that's insultingly obvious!) If you're looking for something that lets you compile PDFs from several sources, perhaps look at something like PDFLab. Hope that helps! W.
  2. Walafrid

    Maccast Website

    To be honest, it's not that big a deal; those steps seem a bit extreme for what seems to be only a cosmetic issue.
  3. Walafrid

    Maccast Website

    More curiously, it doesn't happen all the time to me! Should we perhaps email Adam at some point as well as posting here?
  4. Walafrid

    Maccast Website

    Hey everyone, I really like the new website design, but I've been having some bizarre issues. When I mouse over the links, they disappear! The screenshot should show what I mean: Here I moused over as many links as were visible to show the effect. I was using Safari on an iBook G4, OS X 10.4.9. Can anyone help? Yours, W. Edit: Removed graphic.
  5. Walafrid


    It's made an appearance on the BBC news website now as well. I love the understated caption for the first image: "Readers did not 'dig' censorship"! Yours, W.
  6. Or you could always drag the picture (if it's on a website) to where you want it to go. To save to the desktop, just drag it to the desktop and let go (you can use exposé with F11 to show the desktop while you drag.
  7. Walafrid

    Previously mentioned auto-updater?

    I'm not sure if this was the one mentioned, but there's a dashboard widget that does a similar thing. Find it here on Apple's download pages. Hope that helps, W.
  8. Walafrid

    Advice for wireless keyboard with British layout

    No worries, I've managed to ferret out the information. If anyone's interested, it's the Apple Wireless keyboard – English if you're at the UK store (part number M9270B/A). Yours, W.
  9. Hey everyone, I was looking into buying an Apple Wireless keyboard to use with my iBook, but when I looked on the Apple Store, I realised I was stumped. Which on earth was the right one? There were several options that seemed likely: Apple Wireless keyboard Apple Wireless keyboard – English Apple Wireless keyboard – English (Int'l) Could any kind soul offer me advice on which is actually the appropriate one? (I'm especially intrigued as to what the difference might be between 1. and 2.!) Thank you in advance! W.
  10. Walafrid

    OpenDNS Question

    Yes, I recently switched to the service and found this an annoyance too. As far as I could see, the only thing to do (and what I have done) is set up a free account on the OpenDNS website, add your current IP address as a 'network' and under the settings, disable 'typo correction'. This will stop you getting the search page, but will also mean that when you make an actual mistake, alternatives won't be suggested. Hope this helps in some way, W.
  11. Walafrid

    Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard delayed

    I'm afraid I'm with Roogie. I really couldn't give two hoots about the iPhone (not that my opinion really matters), and I'm honestly really disappointed that they thought to borrow developers from OS X. If this is the way it is, though, I'm glad they've delayed so we can have a more stable release. Yours, W.
  12. Walafrid

    Eject button not working!

    Hello Mac-User, You may have tried this already, but does holding down the Eject key (for about half a second) work? It think I read somewhere that this is a new ‘feature’ Apple have added for Intel computers in 10.4.9. Hope this helps, Yours, W.
  13. Walafrid

    Individual Program Volume Control

    Someone else might have an answer, but I personally have never heard of something that can do this. In honesty, I've never found myself wishing that I could do this, since all the applications I use that make a sound have their own volume controls built in. I hope this doesn't come across as over-critical, but I've never been a fan of the whole approach that says Windows has such a feature, therefore OS X must too. For example, I think I would be severely dis-chuffed if Leopard came with a Flip3D rip-off or see-through glass effect title bars. Apologies that this is more or less a negative post; it's not meant as criticism. Yours, W.
  14. Walafrid

    Update 10.4.9 feels weird

    I have no way of proving this, but I'm sure my iBook G4 feels slightly more sluggish after updating to 10.4.9. This is purely subjective, though. Overall the upgrade went without any hassle. Perhaps the thing to do is just see how things pan out. Yours, W.
  15. Hmm. Not massively sure what to suggest. Perhaps check the log of the Zonelabs Alarm for times when it might have blocked your Mac's IP Address; else just create an exception for that IP Address. As far as I can make out, the error you're getting suggests that it just can't find the PC at all (I tried to connect to a PC here that I know is switched off and got that message—quite a stupid experiment!), so that might be something to try. Good luck! Sorry this has been such a trial so far. Yours, W. P.S. This is a long shot, but just in case, perhaps try typing the url "smb://192.XXX.XX.X/", including the last forward slash. [Edit: just tried it; doesn't do anything]