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  1. April fools, obviously Managed to steal this picture from apple.com/store before they removed it I suppose now everyone can afford an iMac! Is this going to cut into Mac Mini sales?
  2. xerent

    Maccast loop

    Thanks for the info.
  3. xerent

    Maccast loop

    It's a really really reaaallly slow experience to download the MacCast Loop. It goes on for hours... in contrast, I downloaded the ordinary Maccast episode with 1-2 MB/s. They're not located on the same server?
  4. xerent

    Leopard has arrived!

    ...but it's reputation's spotless.
  5. xerent

    Best Scanner for the Mac?

    I acquired a Canon CanoScan LIDE 70 recently and it's working out great with bundled OS X software. It's quite affordable too!
  6. xerent

    New OS X 10.4.9 Update!!

    None taken, I'm sure. It's only a few weeks old from factory so I havn't had the proper time to teach it manners yet.
  7. xerent

    New OS X 10.4.9 Update!!

    Do a repair permissions afterwards. It repaired permissions on my library folder for me. That's pretty wierd.
  8. xerent

    Windows Messenger (MSN) Client for Mac

    I use Adium for text conversations and Skype for video calls.
  9. Heya! I have a MacBook Pro connected to my TV and I'm accessing content off my PowerMac G4 which serves as a file server. I'm doing this over Airport Express and while there's enough bandwidth for this to work, it's not working out anyhow. It's as if QuickTime requests information from the server too late, so the movie ends up being choppy or in bad quality. It's all running under the AFP protocol. Left is QuickTime, playing a movie over Airport, right is MPlayer OS X with setting "Slow Media Buffer 8MB" turned on. This works wonders but I want to use Front Row while watching TV (so I'm restricted to the QuickTime software). So how do I enable this kind of slow media buffering in QuickTime?
  10. xerent

    Boot camp just broke 2 new iMacs

    This might be of help: VMware Fusion is an alternative to Parallels and it looks like they're implemented 3D-accelleration support! That means that you could probably install Windows XP in a virtual machine and run advanced 3D games from there! The bad news is that it's not out yet...
  11. xerent

    So what's a DMG file

    Create a sparse image that's big enough to cover the entire external drive. That's how large it MAY become. As you'll notice, it'll start off being tiny!
  12. I've been struggling for this to work all weekend but I finally had some great "conversations" with some friends yesterday. So here's what you do: 1. Grab Jack OS X at http://www.jackosx.com and install it. 2. Start up a Jack server through JackPilot with sample rate 44100 (or else GarageBand will not accept step 3). 3. Start up GarageBand and iChat. Change the sound input and output of these apps to Jack Router. Don't close the "Video" preference pane on iChat, that will cause iChat not to appear in Jack! 4. Go to the Jack Routing (through JackPilot) and direct the sound flow properly. You want the microphone (in my case Built-in-audio) to send audio to GarageBand and GarageBand to send it's output to iChat. You connect / disconnect by double-clicking. When you select a port, the ports connected to that one turn red. Be sure to remove the microphone as an input to iChat. 4. Create a new vocal track in GarageBand and add whatever effects and filters you'd like. Be sure to turn monitoring on! That's what iChat picks up(!). 5. Connect your earbuds and call up a friend on iChat! Imagine his/her surprise when you sound like a demon from the pits of hell! Be sure to deselect Jack from GarageBand and iChat before turning off the Jack server. Unfortunatly, you'll have to go through all these steps everytime you want to use the setup.... Enjoy! I sure had lots of fun with this!
  13. xerent

    Name for rumoured tablet mac

    You mean this one? It's an iPad
  14. xerent

    My desktop folder is no longer a folder

    Well, the desktop lists as just "Desktop" (without .pkg) and the rights read out as "drwx------". Wierd. Edit: Okay, I think I fixed it: I moved all the contents off the desktop. Moved the desktop to the trash. Created a new desktop folder where the old one was and edited the rights so they were drwx------ as Finder expects them to be. Emptied trash. Restarted Finder. And what do you know, I think it actually worked.