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  1. cooperrose

    Best program and format for a DVD rip

    If your looking for speed search instant handbrake, or handbrake
  2. cooperrose

    Ps3 streaming with MBA

    Ive tried using eyeconnect medialink and rivet all of which I cannont get to work. Im trying to get my ps3 to stream movies/music etc off my MBA, and for some reason I cant even get the ps3 to recognize that there is a media server and the computer doesnt pick up the ps3 either. I have tried this one a couple different routers with no luck. Any advice or ideas welcome! Thanks in advance!
  3. cooperrose

    Flashed xbox 360 hdmi

    I have an xbox 360 with upgraded heat syncs on both the CPU and GPU as well as the fan is wiried into a 12 volt source so it spins faster and works a lot better. The dvd drive is flashed so it can play burned games as well as normal bought games, you can play the burned games on xbox live if you "stealth" them before you burn it. It has the HDMI output and a 20gb hard drive. it comes with assassins creed and call of duty modern warfare 2. 3 controllers 2 are wireless and have the rechargeable battery packs. it also has a charging station for the controllers. I want opinions on what you would pay. i was thinking about 125-175? im not sure what there worth cause I cant find any that have the same things mine does.
  4. So im flashing my 360 and it has to be wired into a sata port so, heres what i plan. pull my macbook hdd out and put it in an external case and boot off that and run parallels and plug the xbox into the sata port where my hard drive was. any ideas if this will work or not? any remarks or advice is welcome. also another question, I have tiny xp (a small version of windoze xp) is that any way to install it on my flash drive so i can boot from that on my mac? Thanks, Cooper
  5. cooperrose


    I havent been on here in quite a while! but anywho, I got myself a copy of crossover so I could play counter strike on my laptop at work. Since it lets me open windows programs on the mac side did I just make my computer as vulnerable as a pc to viruses?
  6. cooperrose

    anyone for some minneapolis iphone camping out?

    Waited in the apple store in utah and took about 7-8 hours and we were around 250 in line.
  7. on the phone I am pretty sure they can only be .mp3 at least thats how it was on my phone and sometimes the provider doesnt allow you to put your own music on it. as for the ipod I would say restore it. Mine started acting up so I restored it and granted some of the stuff still doesnt transfer but if you put it on manually manage music and just drag it all it normally gets ALL of it. hope this helps let me know
  8. cooperrose

    Vintage Macs (to a good home...)

    How much you want for the mac II
  9. cooperrose


    So I have kinda fallen away from computer knowledge and im trying to get back into it! so heres my question how do i set up exchange just as a consumer no big company or anything like that?
  10. cooperrose

    i movie

    yeah down in the bottom right of the window theres a clock looking icon click on it and your timeline is at the bottom just drag and drop clips and audio in there
  11. cooperrose


    I read many places and have seen that the iphone 1.1.3 update is comming soon. I asked my brother who works at apple if he knew whats going to be new but he said a gps kinda thing and a couple other things that he has read about on the internet. When it comes out are you going to update?
  12. cooperrose

    iPod "play icon"

    From what I have experienced the itunes battery status icon was added when the iphone was updated to 1.1.2
  13. cooperrose

    Scared to Unlock My iPhone

    You can reverginize your phone and i am pretty sure that apple or att arent going to go out of there way just to test your phone. so I wouldnt worry about it I have returned a couple iphone due to malfunctions and they were all hacked and they never called me on it
  14. cooperrose


    I went for it cause i love living on the edge and the one program that is keeping me from updating is call audioamp and it amplifies the speakerphone and noises played through the built in speakers.
  15. cooperrose

    DVD movies onto iPhone?

    I would actually not do handbreak cause it puts all the chapters in there and makes the file ginormas. So I rip it as a normal file and use isquint and convert it that way but its way time consuming, I think its worth it cause of the saved space.