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  1. jwallace

    Show off your Desktop

    Good Lord that looks awesome!
  2. jwallace

    xbox 360 and my mac

    I thought that wasn't possible since Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to cooperate more with Windows hardware. Did you install Bootcamp on your Mac already in order to mave it and the 360 sync together? What exactly do you plan to do? Forgive the stupid question but I didn't think that was possible. Jay
  3. jwallace

    MacWorld Announcements!!

    I'm stuck at work. I can't wait to hurry home and surf like crazy to catch up on the latest. Did Steve Jobs give his keynote, and where is the best site to download a video (unless Adam recorded an audio version)?
  4. jwallace

    Mac Mini & Leopard

    I knew about the command keys and about the Mac's single button mouse, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Another thing: I was listening to the Typical Mac User podacst and there was an interview between Victor Cajiao and a man named Dave who managed to install the Beta 2 version of Windows Vista on his MacBook Pro. I would like to ask that if Vista is nothing more than eye candy and XP will be active for at least five more years then why bother with Vista when Leopard is the superior (security/interface/intuition) of Vista?
  5. jwallace

    should I move to Firefox

    Is Netscape a viable option? Version 8.1 has tabbed browsing and more tools. Didn't Netscape come standard in Macs around 1995-96 and does it still? (that gives a hint of how old I am).
  6. jwallace

    Mac Mini & Leopard

    I've never heard of a Mac OS costing less than half the price of a Windows OS. I used almost every configuration of old-school Macs throughout my school life, my most recent being the Mac Power 6730 (the final moel before eMacs/iMacs I believe) and I truly want to try a new Mac PC instead of relying on Windows again. I've seen screenshots and video of Vista but nothing about the OS thrills me. All Microsoft did was employ a new GUI that closely resembles Tiger and the previous operating system. I've had my taste of the modern Apple interfaces through iTunes, and it's thanks to iTunes that I don't Bearshare or Kazaa any music. I'll only tried the podcast options about eight months ago and now I hardly listed to music; it's podcasts instead - also if the iTunes music store doesn't have the podcast you need, just add a feed manually. The only thing that scared me out of buying a Mac three years ago was the price, however the Mac Mini seems to be a viable investment. A three-part series on Ars Technica about an editor's switch to the Mac line was am entertaining read, and convinced me to seriously consider Macs. The idea of BYOKDM seems a little off-putting, but I can use my old Compaq Presario SW4020WM's display keyboard and mouse until I buy more modern products.
  7. jwallace

    Mac Mini & Leopard

    I've been considering a switch from WinAMD to a Mac Mini in late March with my tax refund, but Apple's launch of the new Leopard OS early next year leaves me with a few questions: 1. When the new OS comes out, will Apple install it on the Mac minis immediantly, or is there a download I can pay for to install on a 64-bit Intel based Mac? 2. How much will it cost if I have to buy it separately and will it come in multiple flavors like Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit) or should I just stick with OS X Tiger when I make my purchase? 3. Will the cost of a 64-bit Mac mini skyrocket with a pre-installed version of Leopard? 4. Is there a decent Mac store in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area? These questions may have been covered previously, but as my internet connection is down at home and I am using a public access PC close to work, I haven't kept up with the forums and other posts. I'll be back around 8:30 EST tomorrow for any answers. Thank you very much in advance. James M. Wallace Accounting Clerk Philadelphia, PA