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  1. capz

    Keep Application in Active Memory

    if there is enough memory, osx will already do this for you.
  2. capz

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    depends on what kind of a computer user are, but for me, in no particular order: 1) Textmate (plaintext/code editor) 2) Adium (instant messenger) 3) VisualHub (video compression/conversion) 4) Quickshareit (sharing files quickly, uploads to the internet) 5) Transmission (Bittorrent downloader) 6) 7zX (7z archiver and unarchiver) 7) The Unarchiver (unarchiver, eats rar, zip, 7z, and a range of others) 8) Transmit (FTP) 9) iShowU (screen capture) 10)Handbrake (DVD ripper) most of those are free, but mac consumer software is usually pretty cheap anyhow P.S. i'd just like to express my hate for quicksilver. i tried it, never liked it, doesn't so anything i cant do without it, especially with Leopard.
  3. capz

    Mac OS X Leopard stable?

    one of those metal imacs? there were issues with those from the start, honestly, bad screens, water condensing in between the glass and screen, graphical corruptions.. makes me happy to have an 'old' model apple seems to be having quality control issues with it's hardware ever since the switch to intel CPUs, but the first iMac models with intel chips seem pretty stable. anyways, i'd never use a mac with its pre-installed OS X. always reformat, uncheck what you don't need/use, and go from there. I've never had any issues, apart from the one i know i caused by doing things i shouldn't do (messing with system resource files and the unix bit of the OS, etc) ever since OS X 10.5.1, things seem to be going pretty smooth, and even on 10.5.0 i didn't have a whole lot of issues. also, using a maintenance tool like onyx can help from time to time if you are having issues.
  4. capz

    Leopard a huge change for Tiger Users

    completely agreed
  5. capz

    Terminal.app, Leopard and Scrollbars

    whats the problem with scrollbars being useless, if you dont use them, just ignore them.
  6. such files usually go into ~/Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Preferences, locations like that. Some developers are sneaky and stick a file inside someone elses preferences folder so uninstallers like appzapper wont be able to find the files, and the trial sticks even after appzapper-ing the app. And i dont even want to know where adobe puts their files, but im guessing all over the system. but yeah, most devs go the easy way and save the time of first launch to the preferences file and work off that. interestingly, if you let appzapper appzap itself, uncheck the box for the .app, and delete the rest, you have endless free trial ;O
  7. capz

    iChat video functionality is a joke

    its also very possible that your dsl modem has some form of security that is blocking network traffic. my ichat refused to connect to aim until i opened some ports, or took down the build-in firewall as a whole.
  8. i tried using the mighty mouse, i really did. My first one got all clogged with dirt and died a tragic death, my second one is a BT one, i hardly use it, but it recently has started clogging dirt as well. my 3rd one had a cut in the wire, and i had it replaced, my 4th one also caught dirt, but i dont think its normal to have to clean your mouse after a hard day of work ( every day ). And the 4th was better than the first, but i knew that i was only delaying execution of the mouse, so i ditched it and got myself a nice logitech. Honestly, the scroll ball is nice in concept, but in reality it just doesn't work. People will alway have dirty (slightly sweaty) hands after a day of working behind a computer, and it just stops scrolling. My logitech has so far never needed a scroll-cleaning, and it's like 7 months old now. Resistance is futile, the scroll ball will become unusable in the end, just get a proper mouse, is my advice.
  9. capz

    MacBook Pro with New HDTV (720p) looks like crap

    not sure what happened after this, seeing as this post is quite old now, but i would use a DVI -> VGA adapter, and hook that to the screen, you get native reso, unlike HDMI, which doesn't like weird analog resolutions, and would cause it to output 1280*720, which would then be scaled up by the TV. that is, if the tv has vga in, which most do.
  10. um, this might all be true for US apple users, but in europe, applecare gets you nowhere, its simply a warranty extension, nothing else. In my case, i've decided to not get applecare, and risk paying some money when something breaks. Apart from a display, which part could possibly cost €300 ( yes its $437.64 here, as far as i recall )?
  11. capz

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    well it should not be around 75C, 80C, unless you're doing something really CPU-intensive, like encoding HD video. mine normally runs around 40C, to 50C once i start using it. If the high temps are happening under normal use, then i'd contact applecare or whatever shop you bought it at. But what puzzles me is the fact that iStat reports 2 fans, im getting only one ( as far as i recall, mine is in for service ).
  12. capz

    Weird process hogging CPU power

    might be a bit late but this one time i installed the developer tools ( seeing you have gcc, etc ) and somehow webobjects ( i think thats what it's called ) ended up being installed and hogging my system. i found i could break it, and the load went away, but there was no way to remove it, so a good format did the job. A lot of mac users seem to fear formats though.. i just backup my home folder to an external drive and reinstall the OS, put the home folder back and im done ;o
  13. capz

    Anyone using iFreeMem?

    i think that app is useless and mac os x is very good at memory management. in fact it could slow your system down, since mac os x keeps data cached in the memory so apps will start/restart faster next time you use them ( as long as you don't reboot/power down ). If some app comes in and needs memory than that cache will be emptied and made available to the application, so i don't see how you can benefit from this app. my 2 cents
  14. capz

    Learn Mac Programming

    maybe this is useless, maybe someone can use it, so im just going to go ahead and post a pdf i found that covers making the move from C++ to Objective-C, i found it to be quite helpful as i am trying to understand how objective-c and cocoa work. http://ktd.club.fr/programmation/fichiers/cpp-objc-en.pdf im getting the feeling that i still need more examples and such, maybe a book, but i find the programming tutorials kinda hard to read. i mean while my english is good enough for day-to-day use, programming talk is a lot harder.. I suppose nobody would know about a dutch tutorial/book for objective-C/Cocoa?
  15. capz

    09f9 widget

    so what does it do? i dont feel like downloading things that dont state what they are and do..