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  1. cowschickens13

    802.11n core 2 duo card enabler

    exactly. if you are using the extreme base, then that is fine, but they are trying to make a buck if you want to use an outside router...
  2. cowschickens13

    DiskWarrior Upgrades

    well, if you go upgrade your discwarrior now (recommended), there are no worries. the ZFS file system (yes, it will be introduced in 10.5) is not enough to run your computer off of, it will just be a very compact system for USB drives and such, nothing major. if it is your internal HD you are worried about using discwarrior for, then go ahead and buy it. even if you did need it for ZFS, i am willing to be alsoft will put out a version update (4.1 or something) to compile this in, not discwarrior 5. best of luck!
  3. cowschickens13

    Good DVD Ripping Software.

    yes, but its much faster when coupled with MTR. rip the DVD first, then use handbrake on the Video_TS files.
  4. cowschickens13

    upgrading PB G4 processor?

    plus, they dont go above 1.92, and dont offer for 1.67, although you could probably work something out, i would not put forth such a risk (and $) for such a small upgrade.
  5. cowschickens13

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    oh, yeah. defiantly. just dont let the guy lose you, make him show you how to do it.
  6. cowschickens13

    Single User Mode (stuck)

    wow. found it. "exit"
  7. cowschickens13

    Single User Mode (stuck)

    hello there. advanced mac user here, I have never used these boards before to ask for help, more of helping others....anyway: I used onyx to switch to SUM as my default boot setting to run a program called applejack, as i do every month at the very end (call it spring monthly cleaning). anyways, i have lost where i wrote down how to switch back to regular boot mode so i go to the nice GUI and such, as i need to start from my HD (i tried my cloned OSX system on my external as well, but the CPU always goes to SUM). someone out there know the command or know how to help? i have searched apple support and the discussion boards to no avail. thanks.
  8. cowschickens13

    Video Coversion

    visualhub costs, but it is the best.
  9. cowschickens13

    NEW iPod

    5 to 5.5 has happened before. if you have a 30 GB, then you will most likely get a 5.5. if 60, you will get a 60.
  10. cowschickens13

    Who's using my wifi network?

    300 is fine for that, otherwise, your connection will be pretty slow a secure key is ojust a random mixture of ascii, but if you are planning on having visitors on the network (like friends that come over, you want to give them the key), then probably not the best idea. most people are too stupid to use a hacking/cracking program, so something simple to type and write, but harder to guess (like take1fortheteam) would be good. plus, you can always view the logs. if anyone that you dont approve is on the network, then it is time to find out which neighbors are computer literate, and switch up that password!
  11. cowschickens13

    Traveling with your gear

    lol. alright. you should be fine when traveling. make sure there is nothing sharp that is in or around your computer, as it will be confiscated (the whole bag). other than that, traveling with a computer, the biggest concern is damage done (like banging it around or someone kicking it or something of the like and it getting broken) and external and a computer should be fine.
  12. cowschickens13

    What Can I Do With An Old iMac?

    if not tech savvy, give it to a friend who is. selling a G3 on ebay right now would MAYBE collect $50-$75 if you were lucky. i am using mine as a server running ubuntu on it at the moment, but i do like that stereo suggestion! damn...that would be SWWEEET!
  13. cowschickens13

    Album Art

    i recommend corripio for the mac. somewhat buggy, but very efficient, searches multiple places at a time, and VERY fast.
  14. cowschickens13

    Playstation Portable

    if it is done through handbrake, then you can download a program such as iPSP or PSPWare and use that to transfer the videos...
  15. cowschickens13

    I'm confused...

    could you: yes could you legally: no does it matter: not really