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  1. nesteafish


    ... 100% conceptual
  2. nesteafish

    Did macally slip

    There's a nice little picture beneath the text, that shows the BTCUP and a phone communicating via. Bluetooth, so my guess would be, that it has nothing to do with the iPod. I guess you could implement bluetooth in a third-party dock, so an iPod could be controlled via. Bluetooth, but if that was the case here, we would definately have heard more about it at this point of time.
  3. nesteafish

    Installing Leopard

    I would back up all my stuff and do a clean install... After that, I would install all my own applications again. All applications should work, although there might be some compatibility issues. Updates for popular mac software usually comes out quickly, though.
  4. nesteafish

    MainMenu Review

    I've been using MainMenu for a while now... It's a extremely neat program. It will even show/hide hidden files in the finder and restart my dock without me having to mess around too much
  5. nesteafish

    When to buy (black imacs)

    I don't think that Apple will come out with any black iMacs right away. Also, Apple will probably not ship a possible 15" macbook before they get some new processors in the whole lineup, which won't happen right away. If I were you, I would wait with the iPod, if you can. But since I'm not you, I can't tell if you REALLY, REALLY need a new iPod - and hey, we don't know when it's going to come. Maybe you'll have to wait a whole year. Soeh... Go for an iMac and a Macbook
  6. nesteafish

    Dashcode! Any Good?

    I think it's a good help for people who like to design widgets the way you design applications with Xcode. Personally, I think it's a bit easier just to use a widget "template" consisting of the minimum amount of code you need, and then hand code your widget from there. I don't think it's worth using a complicated app like DashCode for relatively small programs like widgets, especially when they are so compact and simple to do with a little Javascript expertise.
  7. nesteafish

    Best Note Taking Program

    I like the free application "Mori", but I haven't used it a lot. It seems very simple and organized. I have heard a lot about DEVONthink and DEVONnote, and that they should be really searcable, but personally, I can't find my way around...
  8. nesteafish

    Downloadable Adobe Photoshop Training Videos

    I like Photoshop TV, which is a free video podcast on iTunes. Youtube is also a really good resource for training videos and tutorials. I have also seen a couple of sites with fees on their content, but I can't remember any of their URLs.
  9. nesteafish

    Quick, Easy New Ipod Question

    If it's refurbished, they may have or may not have changed the battery. If they did, you gotta charge 24 hours it to get optimal battery life, but who knows? I wouldn't take the chance. I would just charge it.
  10. nesteafish

    Backup solution

    haivu: Thank you so much, your help is much appreciated! Ignoracious: Yeah, but the hard drive is also for storing general data that I won't need right away, as well as for backup. I know what you mean, but I think I'll risk it
  11. nesteafish

    Backup solution

    OK, that seems logical (I read a little up on it)... I know how to make the partitions, but I have a couple of questions: Will it be more complicated to boot from the firewire drive (from one of the partitions) How will I switch between different partitions in the finder? Thank you very much
  12. nesteafish

    Backup solution

    Hi there, fellow maccasters! I came home from the apple store about an hour ago, with a new 250gb G-DRIVE, for backing up data. But I don't really know how to do this: Keep the latest clone of my hard drive there, so it's bootable Store files there, that I can access from my mac (so they still stay there, when I update my HD clone) I heard Adam talk about "SuperDuper!", so that's what I'm trying right now. It's an awesome application, but does anyone know how I can still do #2 on my list?
  13. nesteafish

    29th Street Mall Apple Store

    Wow... On the newest maccast, I heard about the stolen iPod nanos. Of course, I had heard the story, but I never knew, that the Apple Store the nanos were stolen from was the Apple store in 29th Street Mall... Which is like a mile from where I live. I'm thinking about interviewing them about the story, and eventually sending it in to the maccast. What are your thoughts?
  14. nesteafish

    Dock freezing

    Nope... I did that, and there are no problems with my dock so far. I hope that my problem is solved now
  15. nesteafish

    Dock freezing

    My dock in Mac OS X 10.4.7 is freezing. What happens is, that the dock will not magnify when I hover my mouse over it. I can still click on icons, but it always shows the application name above the icon I clicked latest. When I click an icon, and drags it, the icons magnify, and they stays magnified, when I release. It gets normal again, when I log of, and log in again. But off course, you can see that this is really anoying. Is there a fix?