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    iTunes Media Server

    Thanks for the comments. It helps. I think I might look at the mac-mini solution. The pled solution sounds interesting, but I think there are too many hooks at the moment. And if Apple changes things, it could break Plex working with the Apple TV, etc. I do want to go with a raid solution where I can easily swap out disks when they fail. So getting something and directly attaching to a mac-mini might be the solution for me. Thanks again.
  2. dwieder

    iTunes Media Server

    I'm getting to the point where I'm seriously thinking about moving all the iTunes media to a raid storage device (Drobo, QNAP, etc). Ideally what I want to do is move all the music, home videos, movies, etc. to this new device so that it is protected, can easily grow, and be accessed by the Apple TV. Obviously a NAS solution would be good, but I'm not against hooking something up directly to an iMac or mac mini if need be. I only have about 300GB of things now, but trying to plan for the future as well. Anyone have any experience with this and any suggestions?