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  1. gomez

    Steve Introduces the iRack!!!

    I found this on someone's blog a couple days ago and thought everyone on here would get a kick out of it.
  2. gomez

    Apple Front Page

    I'm thinking that this is just Apple's way of saying "Hey, 2006 was our best year yet and we're not done just yet." Basically its a good sign for all of us. 2006, the year of Mac/intel. 2007, the year of "iTV", "iPhone", the real Video iPod, Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, and like Adam said in last week's podcast, Apple will come out with a product none of us even thought we needed.
  3. gomez

    Red iPod nano

    Great looking color on a great looking iPod for a great cause. If only the had a red 8GB version.
  4. gomez

    Another iPod feature gone!!!

    My nano pauses. I have noticed that it sometimes doesn't when it is pulled very quickly.
  5. I was playing around on the Apple Store online and wanted to see just how much a high end Mac Pro would cost me. (I got the idea here) Anyway, I had a total around $20,000 and I clicked Save Cart for Later to show my brother how expensive it was. Two days later I got a phone call from an Apple representative noticing I was interested in the new Mac Pro and if he could assist me in any way. I was busy at the time, I told him I was actually just looking but I thinking more about the Macbook, so he sent me an email saying that he was my personal representative and if I had any questions just email him back. Does Apple do this a lot? I really like the idea of them wanting to be so helpful without even asking for it. This is almost better service than you'd get at an actual Apple Store!