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    convert mp3's to midi's

    sorry but no. tom
  2. hammertom

    Short in speaker system on iMac CRT

    Already tried reseting the PRAM. I'm suspecting a short but I'm not sure about the technical aspects of the speaker system. Tried taking the speakers out but wasn't able to. And when you say replace the audio cable I'm sure exaclty where that is. Any more info would be great thanks
  3. hammertom

    Short in speaker system on iMac CRT

    iMac G3 iMac CRT 400 mhz G3 Trying to figure out what could be causing the sound on the logic board to go bad.
  4. hammertom

    Short in speaker system on iMac CRT

    Have seen bad ram cause such an audio problem? tom
  5. I have a favorite artists smart playlist that works great. List all my favorite artists (at that moment) and it creates a playlist of songs at random only from my favorite artists. Only problem is I put in about 25 different artists and there's no way to scroll down the list of rules. So I can't delete any of the early entries to the list. Even on my large monitor on my desktop. Is there any work around for this?? thanks tom
  6. I've put 3 different logic boards in an iMac CRT 400 mhz and each time there is sound then eventually no sound, reboot, sound, and finally never sound again. So it's not the logic board, I would imagine at this point. So could it be a short in th speaker system? Or bad audio/video board? This is a bit over my head but I'm determined to figure this one out. thanks tom