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  1. gregorprosen

    why does iTouch Mail delete original Gmail mssg???

    WOW! That was very picturesque! Have just tried it, THX, gregor quote name='gregorprosen' date='Jun 10 2008, 03:39 AM' post='84630'] Hm, THX, but:There seems to be nothing like it under Mail>account>advanced ... THX for reply anyway,
  2. gregorprosen

    why does iTouch Mail delete original Gmail mssg???

    Hm, THX, but:There seems to be nothing like it under Mail>account>advanced ... THX for reply anyway,
  3. Hey! I have iPod Touch 32Gb, iBook and Gm@il. When i delete Mails on iTouch i started realizing that it deletes the mssg in Gmail inbox too - but I dont want that for all mssgs! I could sortr that out on iBook, but not on iTouch? Any help, pleaseeeee! THX, g.
  4. gregorprosen

    iPod touch abilities?

    sincerely THX!!! gregor
  5. gregorprosen

    iPod touch abilities?

    Hey MacGeeks! can anyone help me out, trying to learn if all there is to iPod touch is just music... Can iPod Touch: a) read .pdf save .html files (say, import from my iBook or save from Touch-Safari in read/view on iTouch?) c) sync with iBook via WiFi, not just USB? d) use iTouch as ordinary ext-HDD/USB-flashdrive e) could i use iTouch as digital-media backup for my iBook &iBook apps. Say, to save space on iBook, get 32 Gb iTouch, have all multimedia on it and then use it in apps like Keynote, QuickTime, iDVD ... and finally, for all of U already-users: how do U like using iPod touch. Great, average, bellow-expects... THX, gregor, Slovenia
  6. gregorprosen

    re-install OS X Tiger on Mac mini G4

    THX a lot, most appreciated! Will try it out this weekend ... gregor
  7. Hey MacGeeks out there! I could do with bit of UR help! I bought an out-going Mac mini G4 OS X.4 a while ago for my parents ... Brought Home and sleekily put it on their cabet in living room... and after almost i year, of my not-frequent use, i realised that the Seller in Showroom has created their own account on our Mac mini - in other words, we bought a showpiece Mac mini. But thats no Problem. The problem is, that We are logged in under their account/user, say "Seller". Needless to say, i dont know Seller's code to de-install it, even to re-install Tiger from DVDs. I want to re-install, cause want to create new Username, but logged in as "Seller" he wont let me .. my Question: How can I re-install Tiger from scratch/DVD - when i turn mini off, hold Apple-key or something (as Help suggests) while turined on again, mini wont offer me user change or anything as supposed .. Any ideas how to get rid of old User and create New? THX so much, Desperate
  8. gregorprosen

    Spotlight in iPhone?

    so i shall wait some more, right? THX x3! gregor
  9. gregorprosen

    Spotlight in iPhone?

    THX! g.
  10. gregorprosen

    Spotlight in iPhone?

    Hey! Just have a little Q: is there a Spotlight function on iPhone, as on my iBook? I believe i could view/open .pdf, html files - but could I open it also as easily, just type in the name and watch the magic unfold? THX, gregor, SLO
  11. gregorprosen

    importing DVD to iMovie and QT?

    THX! just trying Handbrake out ... :-) gregor, SLovenia
  12. gregorprosen

    importing DVD to iMovie and QT?

    Hi there! I'd have 2 Qs that bother me and their solving would make my life oh-soooooo-much sweeter. 1. I record stuff on DVD recorder. How to import it, use it for editing, in iMovie and QuickTime (so that i could transfer it to iPod? - simple "file -> import" doesnt work for me, neither in iMovie, nor QT. 2. I make slideshows with music in Keynote. But upon exporting it to QT/ .mov, it exports video part and audio/music separatly, making it useless to burn it to iDVD or just rip as usual movie file. Whats the use then, if picture&sound dont come exported together? THX so much! gregor, Slovenia
  13. gregorprosen

    how 2 divide audio/data capacity partition

    THX 4 UR help.But i restored the settinmgs and it seems that it works. THX anyway for Ur superfast reply, i wish i could ask U again when another dillema occurs. Sincerely, g.
  14. Hi there! just wanna know how i can set/partion space on my 1st Gen. iPodShuffle in iTunes 7.0.2. I just cant change/set that colorfull bar showing data/audio ratio .. THX, g.
  15. Hi there! for some curious reason, i cant find anymore that usefull divider, that set how much music vs. data i can have on my iPod shuffle? Can anybody help me find a menu where I'd tell my player that i want fifity-fifty, once and for all? Sincerely gratefull, Gregor, Slovenia