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    iPhone dock line out

    There may be some newer docks coming out with video, but the dock that came with my phone is audio only. I tried to buy one of the expensive apple av iPhone / iPod touch cable sets, but the Apple retail store didn't have any yet. it was unknown whether it might work with the equally ($59.99) expensive Monster Cable iPod connector to av iTV link, so I bought one to try, went outside to open up the package, came back to the store and tried hooking it to one of the macTV TVs with my iPhone, but it did not seem to work, so I went back out to repackage the cable and subsequently returned them on the spot. Stephen
  2. stevievep

    Let me see your Mac!

    Stewart Copleand, famous for being the drummer for The Police, and all around amazing musician/composer was at the Hollywood, CA Guitar Center for an autograph signing last Thursday. Being one of my heroes, I asked if he would sign my notebook. His answer was "Sure!", one of his cohorts remarked, "Ohhh...a *real* notebook" .
  3. stevievep

    who got one?

    Yup. I took the plunge. Actually I didn't intend to, but got two because I stood in the local AT&T line and missed out on the 8gb model (not to mention feeling dirty for not being at an Apple store), so I said yeah whatever and took a 4gb just to get one in my hands. Later that night, towards midnight, I trekked to the Apple store at UTC San Diego and it was like, do you have the 8gb model, and they were like, no problem... So... do I make peace with my wife and try and let her have the other one?
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    OS X mobile vs. windows mobile

    Has anyone mentioned to Microsoft that Windows Mobile doesn't even use any windows? Why do they call it that? Maybe 'Window' Mobile or just, well...nevermind. I got nothin'.
  5. stevievep

    Lapotop battery replacement shiiping observation

    I received my 12" powerbook battery replacement in 13 days. (Submitted Aug 24, 2006). Today I received *another* battery. Maybe I should check the serial number on the first replacement to see if that is recalled too. . If not, Apple (or the repair center it came from) is being extra nice.
  6. stevievep

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    Looks good to me...but I miss seeing "Yoo are being redirected..." when typing forum.maccast.com directly into the url.
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    wireless mighty mouse

    So I went out to an apple store yesterday by 5pm hoping to grab one before they're gone and find out 'that was just announced today'. Gee. They predict they would be in the store by Friday (7/28) or Monday (7/31).
  8. stevievep

    wireless mighty mouse

    Perhaps, rabbit...perhaps.
  9. stevievep

    wireless mighty mouse

    I feel like a retard. Of course as soon as I heard the news, I jumped online to find where I could buy one. There are two Apple stores in San Diego, but my job is not near either of them so I pulled up CompUSA.com and I got all excited about ordering one for pick-up during lunch....Well I got back and opened it up, and ... it was missing something ... like a scroll ball. Because the price was close to Apple's ($65 vs $69) I thought I was saving money to boot, but alas I bought the old bluetooth non-mighty mouse. What an idiot. It's going back of course, and I'm off to the Apple store. I have been using a wired mighty-mouse ever since I bought a G5 iSight iMac and I've been pretty satisfied with it. The ball sticks occasionally and it can produce a few confused right vs. left clicks, but overall I'm used to it and find myself phantom right clicking on my other no-button mouse, so at least now I can feel at home on both.
  10. Alex and Kevin and the crew were in town to shoot Diggnation last night at the La Jolla Brew House. The 'event' coinsided with the annual Comic-Con. (How anyone was able to get a room in all of San Diego is a mystery I grabbed a few pixelated moments here: www.flickr.com/photos/stevievep In other / semi-related news...Kevin Smith of CLerKs fame is here too and will be attending and doing live Q&A after the evening screenings of Clerks II at the Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas today (Sat. 7/22) according to the 91X radio interview with Chris Cantore. -Stephen Vep
  11. stevievep

    WM5 and Macs

    MissingSync announced today version 2.5 with Windows Mobile 5 support. www.markspace.com
  12. stevievep

    Jobs Unusual Keynote

    I've been away from the forums for a while, and only did a brief search to see if this had already been posted. I just found out about it tonight. an unusual steve jobs keynote
  13. stevievep

    Back up and running

    Good to see you back, Mr Hoult. See you 'round, mate. Stephen
  14. stevievep

    Free BJ Day

    Happy free cone day from Ben & Jerry's today (Apr 25)...Get them while they're cold and still free. 12noon to 8pm. -Stephen
  15. stevievep

    Stickam.com Flash based video chat & stuff

    Ok. Yes. It was pretty simple. Almost foolish. By ctrl-clicking the video window, you get some options. It may be an 'advanced' button or something, I forget. Then...click on the webcam icon and I selected USB Video something or other, and bang - zoom...no problem.
  16. Here's a new site I learned about. it's pretty slick, but so far I don't know if I can use my iMacG5 iSight with it. I'll be trying it out, and post an update if I figure anything out. Stickam.com It has hooks for multi-media blog posts too.
  17. stevievep

    Apple Videos

    There are several apple related videos on watchmactv.com also.
  18. stevievep

    Remove vocals from audio track?

    Plus, I've found some 'karaoke' versions of songs on iTunes.
  19. stevievep

    Goodbye Front Row Enabler

    I feel almost afraid to say it in light of all of the negative experiences, but it seems to be doing fine on 3 machines that I installed it on.
  20. stevievep


    I'd been registered on spymac.com for probably two years. I used to use it mostly for feeds, but now that is taken care of without spymac. I admit, it's a nice site, with a lot of resources and a large community. I personally have never taken advantage of the free gigabyte of email because I didn't really need an extra email account, but it was one of the first sites offering that much storage for free. So, sure. Check it out, and let us know your opinions.
  21. stevievep

    front row hack

    See also...under "Show Followup": Good Bye Front Row Enabler
  22. stevievep

    Goodbye Front Row Enabler

    Cp, I managed to install this during the window in which it was available, and fortunately the google cache of the instruction page still exists. This will not remain indefinitely, however, so I tried my best to rebuild the page into a forwardable email that I can send you if you PM me your email address. Until it disappears, the googlecache page is here:
  23. stevievep

    Web Geek Comics!!!

    I was looking through the forums at Joy of Tech and was considering bringing up this discussion, and then, looking at the complete webpage that the comic sits on, there was this over on the side:
  24. stevievep

    I know that it's rather uncouth to ask but...

    It's the songs that are protected, and the computer that needs to be authorized to play the protected songs. When de-authorizing (a computer, not a song), you are telling iTunes that such-and-such protected songs can no longer be played on that computer. It is not the reverse. You do not de-authorize a song to remove protection, to allow it to be played anywhere. That being said, simply burning an audio CD will allow the songs to be re-ripped without the DRM protection.
  25. stevievep

    Web Geek Comics!!!

    Just in case anyone is lazy enough not to click through to Joy Of Tech...this is another recent gem: p.s. Do try and view the comics from their site, because they depend on the ad views.