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    Help! .SIT files are being opened by word?

    Does Stuffit come free with new Mac's? I just bought mine. If I look in my Applications folder I don't see anything named Stuffit or via the Spotlight. Did I just get a demo that stopped working and removed itself?
  2. I installed Word recently and today I downloaded a file that is in .sit format. When I download it it prompts to open it with stuffit expander but it just saves to my desktop and Word opens up. I being up the options for the file and Open With.. just displays Word. Where can I find stuff it on my mac or get it working again?
  3. I'm currious if anyone has tried this or just knows. I bought a HD TV and a iMac last weekend. I love them both. I'm realizing how much stuff looks fuzzy on my new TV because of the Standard Diffinition. If I plug my iMac in to my TV with the HDMI cable, and play a DVD, does the quality look much better than the same DVD played in a progressive DVD player with composite connections? I'm reading about DVD players now making people but new players with upconverting technology and I'm currious if my Mac can do it for me.
  4. I just ordered my first Mac. It's the iMac 20" with wireless keyboard and mouse. Now I'll join the many other taht constantly refresh the order status page. Companies need to set up a cool RSS or email updates. I can't wait. And Hello group.
  5. daurkin

    Upgrade to Final Cut Express

    I'm currious if I need the 256MB video card for this also? I'm guesing you can't upgrade the video card at home?
  6. I'm in the works of buying the 20" iMac Core 2 Duo and including Final Cut HD express. Does the software run alright on 1GB of ram or will it be very choppy. I'm weighing my option and it's either 1GB Ram + Apple Care or 2GB Ram - No Apple Care. $2,000 is a lot of money and I really want to make the best purchase I can.
  7. To anyone that has purchased Mac and new Printer and use it on a Windows Network. I'm currious if anyone has set up a printer on a PC and print to it from a Mac and can get Great quality. I currently have a HP photosmart 1115 on the PC and my Mac only supports up to 600dpi which is half of the printer's capability. Windows print jobs look great. Mac, not so great. Any one have tips of ways of connecting a shared printer and print great from both sides. I'm even concidering buying one of the printers off the Mac site. Please help.
  8. daurkin

    Ordered My MacBook yesterday!!!

    Hey MemoryLeak, did you have to pay for the Nano or are they still including them for free? I'm ordering an iMac in about a week and want to see if I can get a cool bonus!
  9. daurkin

    Apple's Education Discount.

    I have a question and not sure which topic to put it in. I bought a Mac using the education discount for my college I'm attending. I'm not planning at being at the school much longer, so does anyone know if I need to save something? Do I need a student ID or transcript. School isnt' working out in my schedule and will be dropping my classes. Just looking for any stories or knowledge when Apple verifies I'm attending college.
  10. daurkin

    CD Stomper

    I found a software titled Discus and it supports some CD Stomper labels and it allows for importing of itunes playlist. Thanks for the tip about the label and CD drives. How do you get around this? I need a label of some sort. Has any other had problems with label and CD drives on slot loading drives?
  11. daurkin

    CD Stomper

    I have the old CD Stomper CD Labeling system from my windows system and I'm new to the mac. I'm currious what free or low cost ways are there to make and print custom CD labels for my CD I make from iTunes and iDVD? I see there are a couple software applications that are half good, but they don't have the CD Stomper paper type as a selection. Any ideas?
  12. daurkin

    MacBook Pro HD speeds?

    I've heard from another person that the HD upgrade from 5400rpm to 7200rpm is big difference in performance. My plans for using the MBP is video editing. I'm also curious if the HD can be swapped out at a later date manually. I want to buy a referb MBP and the drive speed isn't an option on those.
  13. I'm planning on switching by the end of the year. I'm a power user on the windows side and can figure almost anything out because I've seen a lot of error and crashes in my time. Howerver when I switch to the Mac, it's all new. I haven't heard of colleges with Mac introduction classes like they have for PC's. If I'm looking for a source of how to get the full tour the Mac OS and then some, where should I go? Besides Google?
  14. daurkin

    iPod Video connector?

    Now you can ask your dad to buy you a referb'd mac mini to go along with your new iPod. Honestly if I didn't buy my iPod a year ago I don't think I would've even concidered buying a mac this year. Now I'm just saving my money for the Macbook Pro to replace my old PC that is breaking down.
  15. daurkin

    NEW Chips for MacBooks

    Why is it that I'm reading all of these rumor/reports of MacMini and Macbooks orders being held back until this magic Sept date. Yet I'm not hearing anything about Macbook Pro orders being held back. That's all I care about right now.