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    Apple iTouch as a Palm PDA replacement?

    I was thrilled to retire my T3 PDA and switch to the ipod touch I switched because my T3 could not support WPA encryption for wifi, was a lousy internet browser and was not anything near the media player that the ipod touch is. Getting videos and audio on the T3 was a pain and the quality of the video was poor. The only thing I miss is graffiti since I was good at using it for taking notes. Using the ipod touch really makes you wonder what Palm has been doing for the last 5 years. I had a few handspring devices and 3 Palm's but the ipod touch is light years ahead of them. You won't look back.
  2. rulerofthemoon

    More switchers ever day!

    Since last summer, a bunch of friends ... Pete, Jim, Chris, Rich, John, Gary and their families ... all switched to Macs. Interestingly, they all said the same things ... "man, this is beautiful", "i don't know what we were waiting for", "i can't believe we waited this long", "look at the cool stuff i'm doing", "man, you were right, this is sweet", "OS X kicks Vista's butt", "Wow, this is a fantastic machine" ....
  3. Something inside my g5 imac is causing mDNSresponder to continually try to get a mapped NAT address from my airport extreme router. My concole log is filling up with the message: 1/7/08 8:27:45 PM mDNSResponder[2432] Failed to obtain NAT port mapping from router external address internal port 9999 In searching the Apple forum, some folks have had BTMM turned on and had such thins as "dynamic global host name" enabled. None of this applies to me. I've turned off idisk syncing, all file sharing, BTMM and everything else I can find but the messages still persist. Also, I've enabled and disabled UPnP on my airport extreme router and the messages still persist. I even tried a fresh leopard install. Somewhere, something is trying to get port 9999 forwarded. I have 10.5 on two other macs and they are behaving properly. Ideas?
  4. rulerofthemoon

    Tivo File Transfers to MAC

    www.tivotool.com Check out the cool add-to-itunes button. Works for hacked Series 2 Tivo's, including Direct-tivo. Been using it for about 2 years.
  5. rulerofthemoon

    10 Myths of Apple TV

    geeze, i stopped after the first two points. First, this dope says that there is 6 channel sound including one for the bass channel. actually it is 5 channel sound. the bass channel is "derived" from the 5 using crossover technology in the receiver. There is no "special purpose subwoofer channel" About half way down, he states that apple tv on has stereo connectors (But the Apple TV only has stereo connectors; how can it output four channels over a single stereo pair?). We know it has optical. Not sure what the poop is with the article.
  6. rulerofthemoon

    is it worth getting a .mac account?

    Oh man, I highly recommend it. I've had a membership since it was iTools and the space was only 100M. Now it offers a generous 1G of storage and features like backup, anti-virus (not really needed), Blogs, groups, iWeb etc. I also use the syncing feature to keep my calenders, bookmarks and addresses in sync across computers. I also like the iphoto slideshow feature.