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  1. Agreed, there's 2 issue here though. 1 - I work in Spain and we have a 2 hour lunch break which is impossibly long and you finish at 7 / 7:30pm so starting a project at 8:30pm at home isn't practical especially when you got to cook the diner. 2 - In this case it's just some reference images from the internet to work from at home so anyone would have a hard time proving the work is company owned when it's just freely available images via google. Overall that's why I wanted a secure place to leave this stuff so that my things were stored safely away from prying eyes but truthfully I agree that if you can help it you should never mix the 2, sometimes it's difficult not to though.
  2. Well scrap that, today randomly I opened up transit on my mac to grab something off of the FTP and noticed that it can do Amazon S3 accounts, I originally discounted Amazon S3 as I didn't want to have to transfer my files through their web interface so I was pleasantly surprised that transit comes with integrated access (Fetch doesn't). Having quickly set it up today, Ive added 3 users with different permission, all with their own log ins and left my myself as admin. Transit works extremely well, all log ins worked seconds after setting them up and transfers are quick. Price is $0.12 a GB so for the first year it'll cost me just over a dollar. No other service come close to this. The next step will be to try the free PC client to make sure that works but knowing that Amazon is a reliable company Im sure it will work just fine.
  3. Hi John We tried Dropbox and sugarsync, I like that fact that for free sugarsync shares a folder amongst different users, the only thing I didnt like was that it left a folder on my work computer or I had to access the website to download files. Im thinking that I TrueCrypt could be used to protect the files but having never used it I have no idea if it will work on files on both the mac and PC, have you had any experience with it ? Other than that I liked the idea of an FTP as it's quick and the files are easily accessible, yesterday I saw iwebftp and couldnt believe they were trying to charge £16 per month for 1GB, it's just ridiculous what people are trying to charge for storage when you can pay $60 a year to back up TBs worth of files with services like mozy or carbonite !
  4. work and turn

    iCloud...I'm I missing something?

    No way to recover them that I know of
  5. Hi guys, Im back once again hoping someone can help me. Basically Im working on a small freelance project with 3 friends. This is a strictly outside of work project but we all need access to files inside of work time. So I / we need: Password protection Easy to use Mac and PC compatible First 6 months 2 GB storage 1 - 2 years up to 4/5 GB Reasonably priced considering it's not much storage Ive tried services like zip cloud, jungle disk, sugar sync, google drive and box and none of them are really what I want for various reasons. Please note I added reasonably priced to the list because places like rackspace offer this service for $4 per month, per user, but that works out at $16 per month for 2 GB of storage !!! Right now Im thinking that my FTP is the easiest thing to use but just wondered if Im being stupid because it surprises me there's not a service out there for a reasonable price. Imagine if you just want to swap some word files, $16 per month, it's insane...
  6. work and turn

    iPhone 3G jailbreak

    Cheers John, that'll do. Honestly Im not doing it for him, Ill only get blamed if something goes wrong. So Ive sent him the link and he can do the rest, not sure if he'll bother in the end but right now the phones just works as an iPod etc so he's not got too much to lose I guess.
  7. work and turn

    iPhone 3G jailbreak

    Hi to the forum once again Basically this is a quick one, got a friend who's got a iPhone 3G, he left his company (Orange) and after leaving them asked to get his iPhone 3G unblocked, they said sorry no can do, you should have done it when you said you were leaving not after you finished the process, now officially your not a customer so there's nothing we can do (such nice people aren't they!). So he wants to unblock it to use on his new contract, I gave him a webpage calle doctorsim which allows unblocking but they cant do it for that company so he needs to jailbreak it. I have no idea how to do it, I know there's several ways but which is best. Cheers for any help in advance James
  8. work and turn

    Hard Drive, Drobo or NAS ?

    Been a while but once again I find myself back here looking for answers. I have a home set up of, 1 G5 tower for work (Im a designer), an imac in the bedroom which we use with plex to watch stuff and a boxee box hooked up to my TV in the lounge which I mainly use to watch my backup copies of films and TV shows. My work mac has 3 harddrives, 1 x 500gb for the system, apps etc and 2 x 1.5tb drives for storing my work and making an automatic backup. The imac has a 500gb harddrive, but my girlfriend leaves her work on the 1tb hardrive thats attached and then makes a very suspect backup of the essential to another mini USB harddrive. Lastly the boxee box reads its content off of a lacie hardrive, its 1tb and backups by itself (has 2 1tb drives configured as raid setup). So Im running out of space on the boxee box HD and Im going to need a minimum 2tb as a replacement, however it would be good to let the imac read its media content off of the same HD too (also be good if my girlfriend could copy files for backup there too). I initially thought about getting a drobo but Ive seen a number of horror stories online which make me question paying such a high premium. So I thought maybe a NAS would be a good idea but I have zero experience with them so wanted peoples opinion. I want a 4 bay HD and looking on Amazon I see the QNAP drives get good reviews, some come with itunes server which I don't really understand, is that needed ? QNAP TS-412 is £280.15 but the QNAP TS-410 is £253.23 which is almost the same price, confusing ?!? What should I be looking for, are they easy to set up, any recommendations knowing that its for an imac and the boxee box and are these loud as I dont want the starship enterprise in my lounge ??? Thanks for any help in advance Jim
  9. work and turn

    Best program and format for a DVD rip

    Just ripped anchorman as an mpeg4 file. It's a backup copy as I cant be bothered waiting over an hour for a retail disk right now. As per V for Endetta the rip time is significantly less (due to the unprotected nature of the disk I presume), total time for the rip was around 10mins. Compression is what takes time, around 35 mins, which is consistent with the V for Vendetta disk. Overall quality looks good.
  10. Thought Id update this thread and say that I ended up going with the Boxee Box. I checked many reviews of the Boxee Box before hand and despite some people commenting on various tiny playback issues with certain files it seemed that for my needs it was the cheapest and best option. Well it came last week and since then I can say overall Im pretty impressed. It has handled every file I've put on it without any problems and as far as a media playback device goes its excellent. When staring it for the first time, I logged into my account and choose the option to playback my local files (this is down to user preference, if you choose to mainly playback internet content the system will present you with a slightly altered interface) It managed to get around 90% of the correct information for my films and series first time around (tried around 100 files to begin with), the ones it missed were by in large were the more obscure titles. I also named a series without and spaces between the words and it couldn't identify it like that. I went through and corrected the problems which was easy enough and that was pretty much it. I can imagine that if Id put 500 movies on there you might need to spend an hour or 2 correcting the various problems. Id read some comments that cover art is not stored on your harddrive so it has to load it each and every time. I was worried that this would be an issue as I have several 100 films but Im pleased to report that with a fairly slow internet connection they load quickly and you barely notice it. The I tried out the internet content and overall thought it was awful but thats more to do with where I live (Spain) than anything else. Revision 3, Engadget etc are there but they make their living from being available on the most sources possible so that was no surprise. Other than that the free films were odd titles with 1 or 2 decent ones thrown in for fun, a search of tv shows bought up some clips of the various shows I searched for but if I wanted a 3 minute clip then I wouldn't search shows would I. The apps that I tried worked fine, although it feels like a work in progress in most cases and the browser is awkward and frustrating to use. So overall a nice try but still lacking. I think that for the folks in the USA if they have a decent netflicks and Hulu intergration then that wwould be all kinds of good, for the UK if they can get the iplayer to work well and maybe the ITV and channel 4 content on there as well then that would be amazing, but in Spain, well its never going to be anything but bad. Overall as a media playback device its amazing, I've added my wish list of updates below and if they can include them then it will take this player to another level. My negative comments would be: • Some of the cover art is missing and there is no way to add this yourself. • Some of the information is missing from films, running time or director. Again there is no way to add this yourself • There is no way to see additional info, cast, year made etc All of this is avalible in imdb (which it uses) • No way to identify HD and SD content, or if its 480, 720 or 1080. • No way to identity by sound source if its standard, DTS, Dolby etc • It doesnt store cover art. These comments have been made numerous time on the boxee forum and the team seem to be working hard to add new features, hopefully those new features will include the points above.
  11. work and turn

    Subtitle Extraction from DVD

    Hey folks, just got a Boxee Box and I want to convert my DVD collection to HD mpg files so that I can have everything in one easy place. I've tested out RipIt which rips and compresses the DVD in one go (see my other thread for my comments on the program) but it isn't possible to extract the subtitles using this program. Is there a program to do this on the mac, I've tried D-Subtitler but I gave up after an hour as it seemed to freeze during the process and it hasnt been updated in a lonnnnnng time. Is it just better to download them from the various websites, will they match up perfectly if I do it this way ??? Now that home theatre systems are moving closer to be a more common reality I would have thought someone would have come up with a program that allows you to Rip and compress your DVD collection to a high quality file with a separate subtitle file if wanted but it seems not RipIt seems to be the closest thing to it but even they had to use Handbrake for the compression part of the program and although working thats still in Beta. Cheers for any help in advance. Jim
  12. work and turn

    Best program and format for a DVD rip

    Right finally got around to trying Ripit and it seems to work fine. I used the latest version 1.5.3 and feedback would be as follows. First DVD I tried was the retail copy of Collateral, in the preferences I selected high quality M4V and then used the compress option which rips the DVD and then compresses it using handbrake, this option is currently marked as in Beta. The DVD was dual layer and came in at around 8GB, total rip time took around 1 hour 15mins using a 2 x 3Ghz Dual Core mac with 5GB of ram so not exactly the quickest. Second DVD was a "Backup copy" of V for Vendetta, it was a 4GB DVD and using the high quality M4V format it took around 40 / 45 mins. In both cases before ripping you get the option of selecting audio track you want, so you can select the whatever you like which in my case was the 6 channel audio or you can just chose automatic if you wish. Unfortunately I cant test that this works as I have yet to buy my surround sound system. File size was 1.35GB for Collateral and 1.28GB for V for Vendetta. I did a quick comparison of quality using VLC, looking at the original DVD and the ripped file it seemed good. My only additional comment is that after a quick check on the internet it seems that the M4V probably wasn't the best option for ripping and that the high quality MP4 would have been a better choice as its a more widely compatible format. I will go back and re rip the collateral DVD to make sure everything is fine and then update this thread once I'm done. Ceoltoir regarding copying the file I have no problems. Once a file has been made you should have no problems moving it ? What error message are you getting ? Have you checked the permissions just in case ? My major problem is that subtitle extraction is not possibly with Ripit and my girlfriend likes to have them as English isn't her first language. If they could integrate that then this program would be amazing. Bad news for me is that there seems to be no up to date software to do this on the Mac. Im testing D-Subtitler at the moment but in its limited instructions it says that ripping subtitles VIDEO_TS files sometimes dont work and its better to have a single VOB file! So not only do have to have a ripped version of a DVD but then have to convert that before I can try and get the subtitles... Ive got around 100 DVDs !!! Im currently trying to get the subtitles for V for Vendetta, an hour has passed, it says converting pictures to text but its said that for a while now so I think it's not working. Ether way over an hour for subtitles is a lot and it also hasn't been updated in years so all in all not the greatest solution. I will start a separate thread to see what people about subtitles extraction or if its better to just download them.
  13. work and turn

    Best program and format for a DVD rip

    Well Ripit is free to try (10 rips) so Ill give it a go this evening and see what I think.
  14. After some debate I've just bought a boxee box and a Lacie 2tb harddrive with automatic raid. I've got soo many DVDs that I would love to rip and now Ill have a device that can play them back easily thats what Id like to do. So whats the best program for the job and perhaps the most difficult question whats the best format ? I want a native resolution rip, with surround sound, but it doesn't have to be perfect as I don't really want to end up with a bunch of 4GB files, somewhere around 1 / 2 GB would be ideal. Handbrake MKV rip the best way to go ? I've got lots to do so time is important to me hence I don't care about having to spend a few Euros on a program if its going to speed things up. Cheers James
  15. work and turn

    Boxee, Roku, etc., what I want to do is....

    The most common media centre options on a mac mini are Boxee and Plex. After using the 2 for the last week I much prefer Plex but both are easy to use and available for free. If buying a mac mini keep in mind its much easier to use if its the latest model with hdmi, 1 cable and its all done thats not to say you cant use an older model just easier if its the latest one.