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  1. Chalky

    iWeb friendly web servers

    I've got some webspace on my server going spare. Give me a PM and we'll sort something out./
  2. Chalky

    114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.

    I just recieved the following e-mail from Apple today: I've recieved this several times before, but on recieving it today I felt it to be very inappropriate under the current circumstances. It is not fair for Apple to go round saying they don't get viruses on Macs when they are handing out virus infected iPods. This whole issue, I feel, has been entirely underlooked by us Mac users. I think there is going to be a few lawsuits over this. We know Windows has a lot of downfalls, but Apple has been HIGHLY negligent over this whole issue. I know it isn't possible, but imagine the uproar is Microsoft made a similar 'mistake' towards Mac Users? Would we just sit down and say 'everyone makes mistakes' if the tables were turned? I think not...
  3. Chalky

    iPod 1.2 software reboot issue

    I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to Macs, how do I implement this code? I hope this will fix it, I was beginning to think my iPod was faulty, I've Restored it a couple of times but no luck. I've also noticed that my battery meter is screwed up since the update. I sync it at night, walk to work and the battery is showing red and nearly empty! Don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Chalky

    Exploding Power adapters and batteries

    I had a Sony Ericsson T610 and Orange in the UK sent me a text message saying my charger could explode, that was made by Delta also. I'm always wary now if I see anything else with a Delta power supply but I thought I'd be able to trust Sony! I'm taking my iBook to the Apple Store today to get it checked, I tried a friends but I somehow managed to break the little plastic bit around the edge.
  5. Chalky

    NO store in Ireland!

    The most ironic thing is that the UK store's head office (Ireland not being in the UK for people who don't know) is in Cork, Ireland! You'd think with the head office being there and (at least from the Student Store) the products are being shipped from Cork, they'd have an Apple Retail Store there! I'm lucky because I live in Sheffield, just 20 minutes away from the Apple Store. For those in Ireland, if you're really desperate to visit an Apple Store it's only about £25 return from Dublin to Doncaster, and the train to Sheffield from Doncaster stops at Meadowhall!
  6. Chalky

    Checking Battery Capacity

    There's a lovely little app that I use to check the capacity as well as the amount of charge in my iBook's battery. This programme is called coconutBattery (http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/) which shows the current charge, the current capacity and the original capacity of the battery: As you can see, my battery is doing well considering my mac just celebrated it's 1st birthday just 2 weeks ago! Sometimes the battery capacity even exceeds the original specified battery capacity, this is mainly because I 'recondition' the battery every charge cycle, leaving the iBook to die before charging. The only real reason for this is that I'm often too lazy to get the charger but it does seem to be a good thing. The time where the battery is at 92% was because I hadn't used it for a long time and then I was charging it intermitently. I recommed this app for anyone wanting to try and get more battery life out of your Mac laptop. It also includes a dashboard widget and is a Universal Binary.