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  1. xplot

    sorting out itunes

    Hi all Just wondering if there is a software that can help you sort out all you itunes music, as in the genre and the naming structure of itunes to all the music in my library? instead of doing in manually fixing it all up? Thanks nigel
  2. xplot

    Backup Question

    I agree SuperDuper is great backup system for Mac OS X
  3. xplot

    Mac maintenence and .Mac accounts.

    I use Diskwarrior and onyx back to back and also use superduper
  4. xplot

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...060824084741428 good thing to do if you use tabs and dragging the links to make a new tab
  5. xplot

    Safari cache

    Hi all Just a quick note i was wondering if you can up the cache in safari? i have tried to find out and i can't find anything Thanks for the help
  6. xplot

    Security update -4

    well i have installed it and have had no problems so far
  7. xplot

    Mac what?

    yeah finding it pretty easy at the moment its great , i am use to freebsd as i run that on my servers and mac works great with my servers with easy i am so happy and now i am kicking myself not switching over sooner than i should of
  8. xplot

    MacBook Pro Battery & Heat Problems

    He means a laptop fan. They sit under your notebook and use a USB port to run a couple of fans. yes im sorry i guess a docking station would be something with the all the connectors for video and audio and things like that. Im talking about just a simple USB cooling pad that you laptop sits on where can i get this docking station? i also have a macbook pro a new version the 2.16 core duo and when i connect to the AC power i disconnect the battery if it full so i don't overcharge the battery but it stil get quite hot straight under the keyboard section.
  9. xplot

    Security update -4

    what sort of problems?
  10. xplot

    Chat Room

    What irc server are you guys on? and how can i aim to work on adium?
  11. xplot

    Ical and Address Book

    have you ever thought of a .mac account ?
  12. xplot

    Mac what?

    G'day from australia all. I was previously a windows user and got fustrated using windows, and now i am mac user . My first mac is macbook pro 2.16 duo with 2GB ram etc.... and so far i love it and i am just getting use to the OSX which i find very strange is that i am picking up easier and finding it easier to use than windows . I would love to thank all the mac supporters as i probably wouldn't have switch over if it wasn't for you guys Thanks