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  1. kkjj

    What's wrong with my iPhone web app?

    Thanks for the feedback. It really helps. I completely forgot about how lousy the bookmarking part was. Maybe I'll try porting the service to iPod touch.
  2. I've created a new iPhone web app and launched it a few days ago, but so far only two people has used it (I can tell from the access logs). My previous app took off really fast so I think somethings wrong with it but I can't figure it out. Can someone test it out and give me reliable feedback. Is the website timing out waiting for the server? Are the emails arriving? Is my design too pink? Did I screw up the naming? Is there too much text on the top page? Is AT&T coverage so good that you hardly ever go offline? My website is http://keishi.net/sango/
  3. kkjj

    iPod Touch chaos in UK

    iPod Touch chaos in Japan too. Some people who ordered early at the online apple store got their's on the 23rd, but Windows users find out they are unable to unlock their iPods due to a bug in the iPod Touch firmware that had problems with international versions of Windows. So Apple Japan comes out and says that they will release a fix later that week. Firmware 1.1.1 comes out and fixes the issue, but Apple is still not selling touches in their Apple stores. So looks like we're having similar experience as in UK. What about all the other countries?
  4. iTunes 7.4 and the new iPods added support for videos with closed captioning. I am wondering if this means support for quicktime text tracks or is it a completely different thing. If I could, I would like add some cc to my personal movie files when I watch them on my iPod(which I haven't bought yet). Does someone know how?
  5. kkjj

    Preping for iPod Touch

    Thanks. looks like Mobile Safari is much closer to Safari 3 than 2.
  6. kkjj

    Preping for iPod Touch

    Hi. I need your help again. can you test if the iPhone Browser supports __defineGetter__ and __defineSetter__? You can check by going to this page I made with your iPhone. test defineGetter The iPhone is a build of Webkit that is between Safari 2 and 3, so I'm not sure if its supported.
  7. kkjj

    Preping for iPod Touch

    thanks guys. Developing a website without testing with the real thing is really hard! iPhoney is OK for looking at the design but instead of that, I have to say it's pretty useless.
  8. kkjj

    Preping for iPod Touch

    Since the iPod Touch will be coming to japan soon I am preping my site for Mobile Safari. Could you tell me what heppens when you click a direct link to a jpeg. (ex. <a href="./images/photo.jpg">). can you zoom in and out with your fingers?
  9. kkjj


  10. Thanks, Firas and chiff! ProdMe had what I was looking for! I haven't implemented in my code yet but I think it'll work. iSpeak leverages the OSX buit-in speach functions so I can't use it to play arbitrary mp3s. In fact I've made a widget that does the same thing a while ago. Thanks to OSX, it was a piece of cake.
  11. I'm trying to add some sound effects to my dashboard widget. I've tried several ways I could come up with but had no luck. Do you know of any widget that has sound effects? Please tell me, then I can look at the source and borrow that persons idea.
  12. kkjj

    a Spyware?

    I realized this was in my menubar(see photo). The ikon looks like a package and when I hover the mouse over it, it shows "Dude!". I have no idea where this came from. Can someone tell me what it is? Could it be a spyware from a diggnation fan??
  13. I want to apply a skin to VLC. I've downloaded the skin file but can't figure out how to apply it. The web site talks about windows and linux but not osx.
  14. I have a nano with 2 gigs and that doesn't cover my whole music library so I'm making lots of smartplaylists to overcome that problem. However I still can't firgure out a way to pack all my Apple lossless encoded files into one smart playlist. Apple lossless files take up enormous amount of space so I want to exclude them from my iPod playlists.