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  1. Cameraman

    Organizing .dmg files?

    Thanks Matt. I actually was able to figure that out shortly after I trashed the files. I had never dragged the icon into the Apps folder before...I don't think. Anyway, all is well now and I now know that I don't really need to keep the .dmg files. Thanks!!
  2. Cameraman

    Organizing .dmg files?

    Well, I guess I trashed them too soon. Now I click on GoogleEarch or Firefox in the dock and I get a question mark and nothing happens. Oops.
  3. Cameraman

    Organizing .dmg files?

    I wasn't sure. Do they just contain the installation files? I guess I'll trash 'em. Thanks!
  4. Cameraman

    Organizing .dmg files?

    Looking for a tip...I'm collecting quite a few .dmg files that currently live on my desktop. These include GoogleEarth, Firefox and Missing Sync. I'd rather not have them on the desktop. Is there a better place? Thanks!
  5. Just got off the phone with AppleCare. They're sending me a new Shuffle. I'll return the current one via the shipping material they'll send. Not sure if I'll get a 1st of 2nd gen model. The info that convinced him that it needed replacing was in the USB info in the System Profiler. In Hardware under USB, the high speed USB bus was showing the Shuffle connected. The Product ID listed there for the iPod (0x1300) indicated that something was wrong. He didn't give me details of why that was a bad ID. Either way, Apple is taking care of it.
  6. Yeah, been there....done that. Thanks though. I think my next step needs to be to call Apple. I suspect that is will be something addressed in a future update.
  7. As an addition to my original post, Apple's Shuffle Support discussion thread is loaded with other people with this same problem. So far the only fix is to burn the purchased music onto CDs and re-import. Of course that is ridiculous for those with large libraries and should not have to be done. I'm hoping Apple issues a fix for this very soon.
  8. Just like the title of this says. I De-Authorized and Re-Authorized my computer, Restored, and used the Shuffle Reset Utility. It plays Podcasts, and music that I've ripped. Just not music that I've purchase through iTunes. I've had this Shuffle since Spring and it started this problem a couple weeks ago. All of the software is current as well update-wise. Thanks!
  9. Cameraman

    Sharing iTunes content across user accounts

    Thanks for the tip. However, it's frankly too much work for the minimal amount of sharing that I want to do. I just have a handful of movies that i want to share. At this point I'll just either let the kids watch a movie while I'm logged on or continue to copy the movies into my public folder. Hopefully Apple will design a simple solution for this. Thanks again for the resource link.
  10. I have 4 user accounts on my iMac G5. I'd like for my kids to be able to access the content I have in my iTunes library, such as movies, when they are logged into their accounts. We don't use fast user switching so only one user is logged on at a time. Is there a way to "share" iTunes content in this way without having to copy the material and put it in my Admin Public Folder. Obviously the problem there is that by copying content I'm using up valuable HD space. Thanks.
  11. Cameraman

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Regarding the Asian tech support issue, I'd advise you to politely end the call and then call back and try your luck at getting a North American. I tried this last time I called Applecare with fantastic results. The folks in India are not only very difficult to understand but sound like they're reading everything from a scipt, so I feel your pain on that one. I just had to have a hard drive replaced on my 20" G5 iMac through Applecare and the service was very, very good...which came as a surprise quite frankly. It was a self-install. Good luck with the phone support, just keep trying.
  12. I'm an experienced video editor who uses FC Express for freelance and low budget projects at home. I have both Garageband and Soundtrack applications. At my day job as a video/TV producer I use library-based music collections like Network Music or FirstCom. I hear alot of good things about Garageband and Soundtrack. However, I'm not a an audio engineer and am generally not too keen on messing around with loops. Is there a quick and fairly simple way to generate musical compositions to use in video projects without having to micromanage all the various musical details. Ideally I'd love a way to quickly generate a composition of a certain style in a certain length, and then go in a tweak it if needed. Is this possible in either program mentioned above? Thanks!
  13. Cameraman

    Quicktime playback freezes

    I'm working on a 2Ghz PPC iMac with 1 GB of RAM. When I'm playing the movies nothing else is running that would tax the processor. Before I upgraded to OSX about a year ago I never had this problem on my OS9.2 Mac. I can't remember when I noticed it on this iMac. It could've been with the recent iTunes/QT upgrades. Given the relative low age of this Mac and it's specs I really doubt that it's a hardware issue. Thanks for the advice though.
  14. Cameraman

    Quicktime playback freezes

    Whenever I play a Quicktime movie, whether an older one I created in iMovie years ago or a new movie downloaded from the iTunes Store, I get periodic "freezes" throughout the movie. By freezes I mean that every now and then (several times in one 5 minute movie) the playback will temporarily freeze on a frame for a second or so and then resume playback. I'm running the latest Tiger update with all the latest Quicktime and iTunes updates as well as of 9/30/06. I'm wondering if there is a preferences setting that I need to adjust somewhere that I don't know about. Thanks!
  15. Cameraman

    iMac G5 fan in "high gear"

    Thanks. Since then the iMac has sounded fine. I'll let you know if it happens again.