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  1. And what's the Core 2 Extreme, Groucho Marx? BJ
  2. They never have. I'll be MORE than happy to actually pay for the new Eagles album in the Eagles store, because Wal-Fart STILL hasn't gotten the fact that there are OTHER PLATFORMS than Windoze. BJ
  3. I'm trying to save streaming video to my computer, including the new WWDC 07 keynote. I've got a problem though: It never works to actually hold the video!! What am I doing wrong?? BJ
  4. The iTunes Plus songs are in your Purchase History, just fyi. I'm going to talk just a little bit about this issue, but not here. I'll get y'all a link when I get it up. BJ
  5. I've just been listening to the newest Maccast, and I hate to correct you this early, but it's LED, not LCD. Just wanted to let you know. BJ
  6. Hey almighty spork, what did you find out? BJ
  7. I usually hit the "back" button until Adam is saying "Maccast" at the beginning of the show, honestly. BJ
  8. [EDIT] Oops, I double-posted on accident. BJ
  9. Well, I can't skip it if I want to mark each Enhanced MacCast as listened to on my iPod. I want to listen to a show all the way through. The new music doesn't allow me to do that. BJ
  10. I would actually USE the E-Maccast if you actually kicked out the New Music. I hate the New Music, I never use it, and I'd be more willing to use the E-Maccast if you kicked it out. Just my thoughts, Adam. Don't mind me. BJ
  11. I got another question: I'm looking for the exact same things that the pros use to clean up the video and audio. What is the software involved in doing that? BJ
  12. It also seems to happen right when I turn my computer on... BJ
  13. #1: Where is that tab? #2: Would laserdiscs be "imported" in the same fashion? BJ
  14. I've got a problem. My MacBook's screen is flickering randomly and I have NO idea what is causing it, OR how to "reproduce" it for the folks at the Genius Bar. It seems to me like something's really wrong, but I haven't figured out what's the culprit yet. On my last visit to the Genius Bar, the guy reset my SMC, but that very night, the damn thing flickered again. I'm seriously at my wit's end (as well as pulling my hair out) trying desperately to figure out what the hell is going wrong! Can someone PLEASE help me? BJ
  15. NICE!!! Very easy on the eyes, a must-visit each day!!! BJ