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  1. kineticlegend

    Screen Sharing lag?

    I've done a bit of screen sharing with a friend of mine via ichat and I can tell you that it is a bit laggy, but it has never dropped a connection, crashed, or freezed up on me. It works surprisingly well BTW I connect wirelessly with a linksys router connected to a dsl modem from att.
  2. kineticlegend

    Remove iChat 4 Message Bubbles

    I think there's something similar in Tiger's ichat, but here's how you can do this in leopard: Open up a chat window. Go to View > Messages menu. Inside the Messages submenu should be a list of options: Balloons, Boxes, Compact, Text. You can try them all out, but it looks like Text would be the obvious choice for you. Once you select it, ichat should remember your settings for future ichat sessions!
  3. kineticlegend

    Leopard pet-peeve (Front Row)

    The screen flips so that if you are playing the audio on a plasma tv it won't burn the screen in.
  4. kineticlegend

    Tips and Tricks in Leopard

    So I thought I'd start a thread compiling all of the tips and tricks we leopard users have found while using the new system. Add yours here as well! Tips and Tricks: 1). When you have Spaces enabled, you can drag windows from one space to another by dragging the window to the side of your screen and then while still holding the window, move your mouse all of the way over to the very edge of the screen. Wait a few seconds, and leopard should switch to the space corresponding to the edge and take your window to the new space. It gives you the true feeling of having an extended desktop, that is unseen off your monitor! 2). When you click on a stack, you can choose an item using the arrow keys, or type in the first few characters in the name of the file you want to choose and it will automatically select it! 3). You can combine several PDFs by opening up the first pdf in Preview, and then drag the rest of the pdfs from your Finder into the current pdf Preview window. Then save. 4). You can change the wall paper for your login screen by replacing the /System/Library/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg with your own jpg image. Just make sure that you save a copy of the old one in case you need to revert to it, and title the new file as DefaultDesktop.jpg. Then run Repair Permissions in Disk Utility. I'm sure there's more, but that's about all I can think of at the moment.
  5. kineticlegend

    Leopard external monitor problem

    Yup! I'm having the exact same problem as you are. It worked in Tiger, but now it doesn't work in Leopard! The weird thing is that iTunes still moves back to the main screen after you've reconnected the main screen to your notebook one... There was a nifty app that I found back when I was using Tiger called Forget-Me-Not which would save the exact positions and sizes of your windows in your monitor's screen when ever you disconnected your notebook from the monitor. Then when you reconnected it, it would put the windows back in their correct place and size. A link to the freeware is here: http://www.n8gray.org/code/forget-me-not/ However it does not work on Leopard yet, although the developer says that he/she is working on a fix soon!
  6. kineticlegend

    what NEW feature of Leopard is the trigger?

    All of these: 300+
  7. kineticlegend

    When will Leopard launch?

    Well they had better be finished NOW so that they can start mass producing the product. They can't wait until the 20th, decide that they are done, and then try and spit out as many discs as they can by the 30th. Maybe they'll set a date for November and start allowing for pre-orders
  8. kineticlegend

    Apple Store Is Down!!!

    Yeah it's been around for a couple weeks now.
  9. kineticlegend

    Time Machine Question

    Ahh ok I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. kineticlegend

    Time Machine Question

    Thanks guys! One quick question though... Ignoracious, you mentioned that Time Machine wasn't built for "archival backups" because of the fact that a power surge may render both drives dead if they are connected to the same outlet. How does this stop the same thing happening to an external drive if you instead use SuperDuper! as your backup app? I understand that Backup will backup your files to a remote drive away from your home computer. Is this your definition of "archival backups"; backing up your data on a remote drive? Thanks for all the help by the way
  11. kineticlegend

    Time Machine Question

    I've looked around the web for an answer to my question but couldn't find it. So I thought I might ask this wonderful community. If I get, say, a 500Gb external hard drive and then partition it into 200Gb and 300Gb partitions, will I be able to setup Time Machine so that it only uses the 200Gb partition to backup my 120Gb MacBook Pro drive and then use the 300Gb as extra storage? I do understand that the data on the 300Gb partition will not be able to be backed up using Time Machine.
  12. kineticlegend

    2007 a big year!

    Yup! All we had to do was get passed that iPhone hump in June and all of a sudden it seems like every month new stuff is coming out! I'm definitely looking forward to Leopard more than any other announcement so far.
  13. kineticlegend

    xcode/cocoa problem - HELP!

    Have you overridden the custom view's drawRect: method to correctly draw the view using the newly updated slider value? A helpful Cocoa app example may be /Developer/Examples/AppKit/DotView . Open up its xcodeproj file and compile it to see it in action. It uses a slider to affect a custom view that it draws. Should be pretty useful .
  14. kineticlegend

    random itunes question

    I'm pretty sure that I've seen this as well. However I have no idea what the heck is going on
  15. The 8gb model is now cheaper than the 4gb model was. The $200 price drop is unprecedented.