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    Mac Notebook Tune-Up

    I've had my Core Duo MacBook for almost one year now, and it's been great. I take very good care of it, and I would like to keep it functioning/looking awesome for many more years. Is there any maintenance I should do to keep it in tip top condition? I know that the accumulation of dust is a major problem, but maybe this is more for desktop computers. Is it a good idea to open up my Mac and clean it out? Like, take out RAM and other stuff and clean it? Also, dust and other things have found their way down below the keyboard. I've heard that you can buy compressed air, and all you need to do is spray shots of air into the keyboard to clean it out. Anything else for cleaning the hardware? Is there anything I should do for software? Everything seems to be running perfectly. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't live near an Apple store, so I cannot easily go to a Genus Bar and just ask someone there.
  2. Shadofax

    Mac Notebook Tune-Up

    Yeah, that's what I use. I didn't know they actually recommend that you use that. That's awesome. I have always used isopropyl alcohol wipes on all my products (MacBook, iPod, DS, Wii, controllers, etc.). It doesn't hurt the finish and does not leave an odor--just cleans them up. I work at a hospital so I just take a bunch of the wipes home with me. You can just buy a bottle of the same stuff at a store. Where do you buy compressed air? That could be a little harder to find.
  3. Shadofax

    Mac Notebook Tune-Up

    Hmm, that'd be difficult for me because I don't have an external hard drive to put everything on in the meantime. Any hardware maintenance?
  4. When I first got my MacBook I deleted the Ski Report and Flight Tracker widgets from my computer. I can't find those same widgets on the Apple Website for download. Can anyone give me a link to these two widgets for me to download? Never mind I got them back now.
  5. Shadofax

    Macbook Firmware Update

    Now I am having battery problems. I think it is because I pretty much killed my battery to 0% though. I don't know.
  6. Shadofax

    Problem Charging Battery

    The other day I compley used all of my MacBook battery. I got it down to like 2% and then shut it down (this is what you do to calibrate it). Then I didn't use my computer for almost a whole day after that. I think there is absolutly zero % charge left in my battery. Now it won't seem to charge when I have the AC adapter plugged in. I tried taking it out and putting it back in, and nothing is happening. My MagSafe LED is green, and my battery icon in the menu bar has an X in it. My MacBook basically is not even detecting the battery. What can I do to fix this? I might try giving my roomate my battery. Maybe that will charge it. He has a BlackBook. Thanks. This is what my menu bar looks like.
  7. Shadofax

    consol war

    Definitely Wii. It will pwn all. But the Wii60 combo is nice too. PS3 is ridiculous. I would never considerate until a price drop occured. Plus the games for it suck--maybe once descent launch title.
  8. Shadofax

    Nintendo Wii

    I wasn't able to get a Wii. I am so pissed. I've been going to every freaking store. I may be able to get one on Friday. My brother got one though. I've played it. It's amazing--far better than any Xbox 360 and certainly better than a PS3. Not to mention you can save a bundle with Wii. Zelda is amazing. Call of Duty 3 and Excite Truck are great too. Nintendo hasn't released any details concerning the DS-Wii connectivity. They have only said there will be some connectivity. If you can find a Wii in a store, you should definitely buy it. You won't be sorry. If you don't want it, you can ship it to me.
  9. Shadofax

    Macbook Firmware Update

    My MacBook still works perfectly. I don't think it's the update.
  10. I have the iStat nano widget on my Core Duo MacBook, and it works great. However, the temperature and fan readings don't work at all. I downloaded this: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/21620 The new kernel is supposed to enable these features I think. After some crazy Terminal work, I think I have it installed...but I'm still not getting any temp and fan readings. Any ideas? I'm not the most tech savvy Mac user, so try to not get too geeky on me. Thanks!
  11. Shadofax

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    I would definitely get that thing serviced. You should not be having those problems. At school I used their 17" Core Duos and I havn't seen any of those problems. Ugg, don't you hate dead pixels?
  12. Shadofax

    Black or White?

    Take care of your white one and you won't have ANY problems. Mine's still in perfect condition. My roomate has a black one and he wishes he had gotten white. The black ones just get hella nasty. White ones just scream Macintosh. I'm so glad I got white.
  13. Shadofax

    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    I didn't mean to say the Zune is owning the iPod. I don't think that at all. Whether the Zune pwns the iPod, or if it just sells a little, it's competition, and Apple will learn from them.
  14. Shadofax

    HP Photosmart C3120 problems

    I wish I could help you man. All I can say is I got an HP C3180 All in One for free ($100 rebate when I bought my Mac), and I LOVE it. It has never failed me. It's a sexy printer, and it matches my white MacBook. If you are going to get a new printer, you can't go wrong with the C3180.
  15. Shadofax

    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    I think the Zune will work out as an advantage for Apple. Why? It forces Apple into competition with something. iPods have not REALLY had to compete with another MP3 player. Now the Zune will offer more features that iPods don't have. This will force Apple to make more innovative iPods in the future. You can bet the next iPods Apple turns out will be funcional with some kind of wireless feature, maybe Wi-Fi compatible. They will have to, otherwise this Zune will completely pwn Apple. Competition is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  16. Shadofax

    Mac pro power consumption

    I think the Intel processors are supposed to significantly cut power usage levels. You should be using much less power than if you had a PowerPC G5 Power Mac.
  17. Shadofax

    MacBook or Pro?

    I'm curious, how are you selling your MacBook (eBay?) How much do you plan on getting for it?
  18. Shadofax

    Macbook Core 2 Duo speakers

    I don't have a complaint with the Core Duo MacBook speakers. Mine work pretty damn good.
  19. Shadofax

    Mac Displays

    My MacBook has a TFT glossy widescreen display. I notice that iMacs have TFT active matrix LCD widescreen displays (all according to the tech specs). What in the world is the difference? Do MacBooks have LCD displays? Do iMacs have glossy displays as well?
  20. Shadofax

    New MacBook Firmware Update (Version 1.1)

    WTf...no mine is weekly. Maybe I'll change it now. At my school it takes a long ass time to do a software update, especially if there multiple things to download.
  21. I just downloaded it. It's supposed to correct shutdown problems. I never had any problems, but Apple recommended it for all MacBook users. I hope this fixed problems for those of you that still have issues. Apple has not abandoned you.
  22. Shadofax

    Who's a lucky guy?

    Congrats on your new Mac purchase. Sounds like you really love the machine. I agree that the BlackBook does not seem that Macish. It's a sexy machine, but it's still not as Mac as the white. I have white and I love it. My roomate has black and he wishes he had white (plus black ones get greasy and nasty). Have fun with it!!!!!!
  23. Shadofax

    Mac Displays

    Hmm, I don't know what that is. For what I'm doing, I think my glossy screen is better. I never get any reflection unless I go outside with it, which is almost never. It's nice they give MacBook Pro buyers and option though.
  24. Shadofax

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    Yeah I agree with you guys. I maxed out my MacBook RAM and I upgraded to 100 GB hard drive, so I don't feel too bad. I bet the "10%" increase is hardly noticeable. I downloaded the iStat nano widget, and my CPU readings are always much less than 50%. Core Duo still kicks ass.
  25. Shadofax

    Mac Displays

    Thank Harry. Why wouldn't glossy screens be standard on all desktops, especially the iMac? Cinema displays should be glossy too. I love my glossy display--the colors are great.