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  1. ithonicfury

    Firefox 4.0 Beta 2

    I've been using it, at first I didn't see any flash content with FF4 beta 1 or 2, but I installed the latest flash from adobe's site (although I'm pretty sure I already had it) and after that its worked.
  2. ithonicfury

    Best software to DVD Rip to itunes to iPad

    In the same directory, so if you put Handbrake in /Application/Multimedia then you should put VLC in that folder too.
  3. ithonicfury

    Good browser

    It depends on where you click, in Firefox (on all OS's) you can middle click in a blank space and get autoscroll, if you middle click on a link then it opens that link in a new tab, and if you middle click on the tab in the tab bar then it closes that tab. And there's not optimizing for dialup (like pictures not resuming where they left off) and theres writing something like crap (ie, if the connection is slow then the whole browser locks up and drags down the system with it). I doubt thats what it is, its just excessive usage that Safari doesn't keep up with (multiple windows with alot of tabs, with weeks at a time between reboot or quitting the browser), it's performed the same on every Mac I've used (macbook, mbp, and a few hackintoshes) and straight from a clean install with almost no extra software installed. Also Chrome uses webkit and works perfectly fine performance wise. (and seamonkey is built on the same engine firefox is, and it seems to perform good vs firefox hogging memory)
  4. ithonicfury

    iChat over a loacal Network

    In iChat preferences go to Accounts, then clikc on Bonjour, check "Enable Bonjour instant messaging" (and the other settings if you desire)
  5. ithonicfury

    Good browser

    The problem with scrolling in Safari is something that can be kinda corrected, I can get it set up just about right by tweaking the scroll speed in the mouse preferences, but that throws off the scrolling in firefox and some other apps, plus I have 2 difference mice I use (one at work and one at home) so that would further mess it up. That particular failure of scrolling was only really an issue with scrolling acceleration enabled, without it the scrolling could be either set up OK for going through pages a couple lines at a time, which is fine until I needed to scroll down straight to the bottom area of a page and it took forever cause it was just going a couple lines at a time. Or I could set it up to go through many lines at a time to get through stuff quickly, but it because useless for scrolling along with what Im reading since it would go too far. I knew about the shortcut to close tabs/windows, and use it alot, but it only really matters if I have a hand over the keyboard, and usually I don't unless I'm typing something, so its kinda annoying to move it over just to close a tab (or try and hit the X in the tab bar which just gets harder and harder as I add tabs), and mapping middle click to command+W would cause all kinds of problems, specially since I use middle click to open links in new tabs and autoscroll (in a browser its available, and several times in a browser where its not before I remember it lacks that feature). Also I'm only on dial-up at home, and it will beachball whether I have fast internet or not (and if a browser locks up everything because its on a slow network connection then its crap, I've never even had IE do that before, and it never misses a chance to lock up.) Also when Safari would crash from locking up (which happened kinda rarely but still kinda regularly) it wouldnt restore the tabs that I just had open, but just from the last time it decided to look at them to save. Would restore fine if I quit it and then opened it again, but not when it crashed, which is kinda one of the main reasons for the feature I thought. Safari just didn't seem to keep up with the usage that I threw at it, now that I only open it when I need it and use it briefly with only 1 window with maybe 5-10 tabs its pretty stable. When I tried to use it as my regular browser and used it like I normally do, by having 3 or 4 windows each with 20 or so tabs, it was just too unstable. (same usage that I tested Opera and Camino under the last time I tried them and they handled it just fine, and never slowed my computer down, but without autoscroll I couldn't live with them) So far Seamonkey seems to be holding up OK as far as RAM is concerned, hasn't slowed the computer down to a crawl like firefox and gives back ram when its not using it. Of course its still ugly as crap since they havent changed the interface since back when Netscape was the dominant browser, and what little themes there are for it aren't much better (and mostly built for Windows).
  6. ithonicfury

    Good browser

    I actually have had Snow Leopard for quite awhile (just haven't changed my signature though) and its not really the features taking lots of ram, its a memory leak with firefox thats been there forever and shows no sign of going away no matter how many updates (there are extensions that people have made which a lot people say cut its memory usage drastically with no stability or usability hits, but of course they're Windows only.) My main things against Safari are that: it scrolls like crap with every mouse wheel I've ever tried (the acceleration on the scrolling is way off kilter, especially compared to firefox, it either hardly moves at all or goes rocketing off into the distance), get past the number of tabs that can fit on the tab bar and they go into a sub-menu (as opposed to being able to scroll the tab-bar), if a picture is loading on a slow connection and times out when you refresh it reloads the whole picture as opposed to where it left off (meaning on dialup looking at a large picture is impossible, not just time consuming, since you have to do it all in one go), it will eventually gobble up enough RAM to make the entire system slow, will beachball regularly no matter how little RAM its using, can't close tabs with middle click, and most of all no autoscroll. There are others but those are the only ones i really remember from when i tried to force myself to use it for awhile. Now I just use it rarely for a few sites, so haven't used it regularly for a bit. Tried Camino, Omniweb, iCab, Sunshine, Stainless, none have autoscroll, wasn't a fan of their interfaces either. Only other one I've found which does is Seamonkey, which is basically firefox except with a more bloated feature set and a crappier interface, but I haven't seen how it handles ram yet.
  7. ithonicfury

    Good browser

    Is there an actually good browser for Mac? Safari has high ram usage, and has quite a few usability fails for me, can be unstable at times, and most of all lacks middle click scrolling. (which is an essential feature for me) Opera is OK, not a fan of the interface but could get used to it, except it doesn't have middle click scrolling (and of course it only lacks that on the Mac version) Google Chrome has a crappy interface, and no title bar which makes moving it around a pain when you have more then 5 tabs, and is pretty un-configurable. (middle click scrolling with a hack, only works vertically) Firefox gets the feature set right, except it slows my computer down alot because it takes up way too much RAM (even with just a few tabs it reaches 1GB of RAM easily, and never seems to give it up so it just takes more and more, and it will reach 2GB-3GB of ram usage after not too long) Are there any other good browsers for OS X, preferably that dont perform like crap, has popup and ad-blockers, and has middle click scrolling?
  8. ithonicfury

    Need Suggestions re Mac/PC Calendar Planning Program

    Google Calendar has CalDAV support, so you could setup a shared calendar and update it from any supported client. iCal will work on the Mac side for the app, and on the PC side I believe Mozilla's calendar program (Sunbird I think) supports it as well. Or you could just use the web interface.
  9. ithonicfury

    Sequence of document opening

    Do some of the names start with uppercase letters and some lowercase? Preview seems to be opening them in the order that is sorted if you were to run a "ls -l *.pdf" command from terminal in the folder. And it looks like it sorts uppercase alphabetically, and then sorts lowercase ones. If the cases all matched, then Preview should open them in the right order. Might want to see how they are sorted from inside terminal.
  10. ithonicfury

    Networking Tiger and SL

    Looks like maybe theyre connecting to different networks (maybe the device from the new ISP also has a wireless router built-in and you're connecting to that?) the IPs should be the same except for the last part of the IP address (ie, either both 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x). (assuming its as the subnet anyway, which is generally default) Usually 192.168.0.x is the range that a broadband modem will generally assign IP's (not always true, but in general its my experience.)
  11. ithonicfury

    Headset for ipod touch

    I want to use my ipod touch (8gb "3rd" gen) for skype, and since apple are...apple, I cant just use a bluetooth headset even though it has bluetooth support, since that would make sense. So I'm looking for a decent headset to use, but I really really hate earbuds and that's all I've been able to find it seems. I also cant use the mics that clip onto shirt or whatever since I tend not to talk very loud. Preferably I'd like an adapter where I could use a PC headset (with the separate jacks for mic/headphones), since I have a decent headset I could use, but the only one I've found that looks like it could do it is the DLO headphone splitter, which I cant seem to find anywhere that actually has it in stock. any recommendations?
  12. ithonicfury

    Organizing Services Menu (10.6)

    Is there a way to put submenus in the services menu? Or at least arrange and add separators? I keep adding more and more, but it just throws them all in menu with no organization, which makes it harder and harder to find the ones I need at any time.
  13. ithonicfury

    I need a Backup App with these features...

    I'm not sure if Roxio Toast can do that or not, but it may be worth looking at. But, is there a specific reason that you are backing up to optical media as opposed to hard drives? For price/GB, reliability, speed, etc, backing up to hard drives is generally better then DVDs. With SuperDuper or CCC you can even boot to your backup so you could reduce downtime even more.
  14. ithonicfury

    cheap hard drive enclosure 3.5

    Not sure if its the absolute cheapest, but its under $10 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817816002 Btw, thats a 2.5 drive.
  15. ithonicfury

    Apple TV to older DVI TV, dealing with sound out HDMI?

    DVI can be HDCP compliant.