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  1. I have alot of old albums that I would like to put on my Ipod. I have bought good bit of the really good songs from itunes but some song just cannot be purchased. I have a G4 ibook with a gig of ram. Is there a way to accomplish this without spending a fortune? Thanks RPB
  2. Help I recently synced my 30 GB 5G ipod and noticed that most of my album art was gone. But it is still on my computer in itunes. I checked the show album art box under options in itunes and resynced. It said that it was optimizing the album art to put on the ipod, but after the progress bar got two thirds of the way accross it stopped and an error -50 came up. I have come to the conclusion that it is sending too much info to the ipod, but how do I get all of my album art on my ipod? Thanks for the info, rpb