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  1. mac_fanboy

    The Complete Keynote Collection.

    When you open the torrent file in whatever torrent program you use (I use Transmission), you should be able to choose which videos you want, that's what I did.
  2. mac_fanboy

    The Complete Keynote Collection.

    I just came across this on the internet, thought it might interest all you hardcore mac geeks out there . It's a torrent of all if not most of the apple keynotes from around 1980 until 2006! I know it sounds kinda boring but it's pretty historic IMO. The download takes a while, around 10GB if you get them all. You can get it here. Austin
  3. mac_fanboy

    Show off your Desktop

  4. mac_fanboy

    What happened to all of the effects?

    Thanks! I found them, and I'll format them later.
  5. Okay just a quick random question, I got iMovie HD from apple.com after I got iLife 08, and I was recently editing a movie. I went to the sound effects, and none of the iLife sound effects were there! All I had were those stupid skywalker effects. I'm sure this is because I upgraded to 08, but is there any way I can get the other audio effects back? thanks, Austin
  6. mac_fanboy

    Back to Tiger? Or not?

    Okay thanks for the response, I think I'll stick with Leopard. I'll order a RAM upgrade from crucial in the coming weeks, and possibly a new Hard Drive (60 GB is getting to be a bit tiny...). I also am using Firefox Beta 5 (if you still have 4, get 5, a little more stable), so Safari is no longer much of an issue. One more question, If I get a new hard drive, do I have to get a specific kind? Or can I just order any standard laptop drive?
  7. mac_fanboy

    Back to Tiger? Or not?

    This is something I've been thinking of doing for a few weeks, but I'm not so sure about it. I really do like leopard and it's features, and it's pretty solid (aside from the frequent safari crashes and occasional finder hang-up). However, one thing I miss about tiger is it's speed. To me, leopard seems sluggish a lot more than tiger did. The interface also seemed more responsive, as well. Do you guys think I should switch back to Tiger? I've been considering it, but I've been using Leopard for about five months (I got it about a week after launch). Would it be worth it? thanks, Austin
  8. mac_fanboy

    New Airport Extreme

    Okay, today I went to the Apple Store and bought an Airport Extreme. It's great, very speedy and easy to set up. I only have one issue, involving my Xbox 360. I have a linksys wireless adaptor for it, and it doesn't want to connect to my base station. If you guys have any ideas on the problem, please let me know. Also, when I go into airport utility, it no longer reads my base station configuration, so I can't change any settings o.O thanks, Austin
  9. mac_fanboy

    Is this normal?

    Okay thanks a lot. I erased it and it seems to be working normally now.
  10. mac_fanboy

    Is this normal?

    Actually you're right! I did use it with superduper back when I had 10.4. Should I erase the disk then start over since that might affect using migration assistant? I plan to to a HDD upgrade soon.
  11. mac_fanboy

    Is this normal?

    Okay, so I'm currently running Leopard 10.5.1. Yesterday, I was in the the startup disk preference pane, and it said that my time machine disk was on 10.4.10. Is that supposed to happen?
  12. mac_fanboy

    Bhutto Assassinated

    Not sure if you guys have heard yet (though I'm sure you have). I don't know, but this has me kind of nervous... . What do you guys think?
  13. mac_fanboy

    Leopard finder

    Just go to your home folder and drag those folders to your places section.
  14. mac_fanboy

    Show off your Desktop

  15. mac_fanboy

    Show off your Desktop

    Aw man, seeing all of those older screenshots makes me miss tiger . I do love leopards features but the menu bar IMO is ugly. The dock is okay, though. Will post screenshot in the coming days