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  1. Vitaliy

    iPod and Jogging

    I have picked up a pair of Nike running shoes with the kit, I am now looking for a better set of headphones and for something to hold my iPod. When I jog the iPhone earbuds do not stay in, and my DJ headphones are too big, any suggestions for a pair of headphones or earbuds for a jogger? I am also looking for some kind of a case for my first generation iPod nano that would strap to my arm, any suggestions for that? Thanks!
  2. Vitaliy

    Google Desktop

    You should follow the uninstall steps Google provides http://desktop.google.com/support/mac/bin/...amp;topic=11111
  3. Vitaliy

    photo software for school

    I would second Picasa. It is free, easy to use, and you can use online backup.
  4. I have to write out around 50 or so word definitions which are in random order, is there something that would automatically sort them in alphabetical order after I am done?
  5. Vitaliy

    Last.FM group

    It keeps track of the music that you play, every week updating statistics on most played bands and most played songs. Based on the songs you play it finds people with similar taste of music making it easy for you to browse what you are listening to and help you discover new music.
  6. Vitaliy

    Macworld predictions

    Mac's with built in blu-ray!
  7. Vitaliy

    Just an Idea

    I listen to a lot of podcasts on my first generation iPod Nano and it keeps track of where I left off. For example I will not listen to the whole podcast, turn the iPod off, and the next day when I select that podcast it starts playing from the point I stopped it. Also, just like the posted above it integrates with iTunes the same way.
  8. Vitaliy

    Macworld predictions

    I do not think that we will see any processor upgrades to Macbook's nor iMacs. Mac Pro's with 8 processors iPhone next release of iWork and iLife
  9. Vitaliy


    I found Bee Docs' Timeline but it's $40, freeware would be awesome! Or other options to choose from.
  10. Vitaliy

    Word Processing

    Thank you for all the suggestions. Microsoft Office - because of the fanboy in me, the UI of the application, and the fact that it is not Intel based I will maintain my distance. OmniOutliner - looks like a really interesting application, defiantly introduced a new way of doing things. I will keep it around and will try to get used to it but it is still way to new for me to use daily. IdeaKnot - the whole application looks and feels way too "janky" when comparing to other alternatives suggested. AbiWord - I have hard time trying it again, over the past couple of years I have been checking it out periodically on my Linux machines.... the application seemed fast but crashed on me on regular basis. OS X version is ugly too. For now I'll stick to iWork's Pages and will play around with OmniOutliner more!
  11. Vitaliy


    I tend to write a lot of history papers and end up creating a number of timelines. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a basic application that would allow me to create a timeline with ease. Basically allowing me to input a range of dates, and leave comments at specific years.
  12. Vitaliy

    Word Processing

    I am looking for a word processor, mainly to take notes in class. I am currently using Pages from iWork but since it has a different use in mind, it's as flexible on the fly and a bit awkward to use. Meanwhile the popular Microsoft Office, besides feeling dirty using a Microsoft product, it is a bit slow on my Intel machine. Any other suggestions?
  13. Vitaliy

    Backpack for 15" MacBook Pro

    I currently have a STM shoulder bag for my MacBook Pro but I am currently looking to replace it. It does the job great, it just does not have much room for anything else but a laptop and a book in it. Bad mistake on my part for even considering it. I am not sure what to get at this point..
  14. Vitaliy

    consol war

    I am rooting for the Playstation 3. I absolutely hate the consoles and games Nintendo has produced since Super Nintendo (except Zelda) and I do not think they will change with the Wii. It will have some interesting titles here and there but I do not think it will be anything special. Xbox 360 is a good console but I think because of the time it took for Playstation 3 to come out it will have superior hardware resulting in superior games.
  15. Vitaliy


    Yeah, I joined couple of days ago and am still very confused at what is happening.