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  1. kcrockett

    The Mac Update

    Apple News Now has almost 130 some episodes and have been doing the Podcast for over a year and a half. But things needed to change. Apple News Now has re-launched as The Mac Update. You can see the Mac Update at http://www.themacupdate.com Also you email is ken@themacupdate.com, the previous email and previous domain name applenewsnow.com forward respectively.
  2. kcrockett

    Airport and iMac G4

    no its the 800 mhz model. My local mac reseller wants to sell me a used one for $178 which is crazy cause the extreme one (which allows Bluetooth) is $100 cheaper. Also ebay seems to be selling them for more than the extreme ones.
  3. kcrockett

    Airport and iMac G4

    I have a iMac G4 15 inch 800 MHZ 768 of ram it was the “late 2003” imac. I know that I can add a airport card (the original one) on this but I sear I have see people put the Airport Extreme card in. My question is can I do that. I want to make sure that I can before I go and buy one and then have it not be able to plug in.
  4. kcrockett

    ThinkSecret NOW says iPod video tomorrow...

    It's offical, Engadget has confirmed a video iPod!
  5. Tommrow evening is when I launch the New applenewsnow.com site! A whole new layout will be used and it will look tons better than the current look applenewsnow.com (which shows a counter counting down to the site launch) This is all in aticipation of the 25th show on Oct 3rd where I will be giving away prizes so listen to the show to learn how to walk away with some stuff!
  6. kcrockett

    Apple News Now 12th show!

    Awesome! How did ya like the last show? I have decided to only play one promo per show Unless I am getting swampped by them. I havn't kept up on his show in awile :? Almost forgot that I had done that hehe. Which would explain the recent jump in listenership
  7. We just had our 12th show! We go over all the latest Apple/Mac news, If everything goes right I will be coming out with a good and better podcasts by our 14th show. I am having a mixer and studio mike being shipped to me as well as a all new intro. Let me know what ya think of the show so far. applenewsnow.com
  8. Hate to say it but i doubt it. If they would do that for you they would have to do it for everyone and thats not something they are going to do.
  9. My podcast over at applenewsnow.com finally got added into iTunes. I used Adam image that he created (don't worry adam image is residing on my own server) And set up my http://phobos.apple.com/ ....... Adress for my podcast in the image. Now when I click on it it launches iTunes but then iTunes gives me a message saying that it is unavailble in the US store? Im confused as heck and I know I am not the only person clicking on my link that is getting that. If anyone can help shed some light on this for me that would be great!