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    Upgrading processors in Mac Pro?

    Exactly, its getting what you need today with an eye on what will be available in the future. It would be great if we were all millionaires and money no object. We could all upgrade to the latest hardware after every WWDC and never worry about obsolescence. Back in the real world I have $3000 budgt to update my system. That includes hardware software peripherals. Compromises have to be made. I would love the full 3 grand to go toward a 3.0 MP, but the extra $500 would be better spent investing in Shake. Or some other scenario. If I know the procs can be upgraded in the future I can happily purchase 2.0 or 2.6 today knowing I can get 3.6 or quad core or whatever in a couple of years. Same for RAM. sure 2GB will cost around $500 today, but in a few months that will have dropped and it makes sense to upgrade then. There is a fine line of balance for the cost of being on the bleeding edge. I upgraded my G4 from 400mhz to 1.4 after 2-3 years. It made no sense to upgrade to 800mhz earlier - the cost/performance was not worth it. Same goes for 1.7ghz now. No point me upgrading any further. Better off putting my cash into an overall faster system (bus, cache, RAM etc). But it was nice knowing I could squeek a few more years out of the old box, even if I really would have liked a G5...
  2. adam mercado

    iTunes audio books

    is that something that can be set in the Get Info inspector or only via APpleScript? thanks for the info mm66
  3. adam mercado

    Darn Tiger 10.4.8 Update

    take a look at Cocktail, and clean system cache and permissions. http://www.maintain.se/cocktail/download.html From the OWC Newsletter... Quick Tip: Keeping OS X up to Speed I don't pretend to know the details of why OS X doesn't take care of these things itself. What I do know is that repairing permissions and cleaning up OS X system cache files can both eliminate application problems as well as keep performance up to peak. When file access permissions get out of whack applications can run slower, have problems performing certain operations, or even unexpectedly quit during use. Repairing the permissions brings file access rights back into proper line so the resources are available correctly as various applications make use of file resources. Cleaning up your OS X Cache requires some 3rd party help - short of reinstalling your OS from scratch. When I recently installed 10.4.8 Update, boy did my system come to a screeching halt. Everything was running, but window redraws were agonizingly slow and it made every operation requiring a window move or opening very painful. While I only first noticed this after doing the update, this sort of 'phenomenon' can occur independently just from normal use too and repairing the permissions doesn't take care of an excess or corrupted OS cache file issue. For owners of Macs with a PowerPC processor I highly recommend AppleJack - which we've covered in a prior quicktip. Unfortunately, Applejack is not an option for the Intel Macs. There is apparently some bug that prevents command line execution of the needed tasks where the Intel Mac is booted to Single User mode - and that's something Apple has to fix before AppleJack will come out for Intel Macs. But, another option that is available for Intel Macs and PowerPC Macs alike is Cocktail. This application runs under OS X via the finder just like any application and allows the manual running of various maintenance options (including the important cache cleaning and permissions repair) as well automated scheduling of this maintenance as well. Unlike AppleJack, this application is ShareWare - so it is not free, but they'll let you use it ten times before making you buy. For those that need it or see a the uses beyond that which AppleJack provides, I personally find Cocktail well worth $14.95 you'll pay to own it clear.
  4. adam mercado

    Darn Tiger 10.4.8 Update

    Absofreakinlutely. I'm still waiting for all the MacPro bugs to show themselves and let all the good little guinea pigs fix them for me before I invest... mm66
  5. adam mercado

    iTunes audio books

    I dont have any audiobooks on my drive, but maybe do a get info on the file in iTunes and check if audiobook is a genre option. I did hear an item on a podcast (mac geek gab probably) that mentioned how to get get video to show up correctly as TV shows. I dont remember the specific solution but it sounds like a similar problem. Not much help really am I.... sorry mm66
  6. adam mercado

    4.8 to 4.7

    dude, upgrading your OS to the detriment of your workflow is stupid in so many ways 1. crashes 2. incompatibility 3. existing software will not be 10.4.8 for a while 4. who should have to create workarounds for bugs iin a comercial product Wait for a couple of weeks before updating your OS especially if in the middle of a project. Let morons like chickenpox13 be the guinea pigs
  7. adam mercado

    reformatting HDD

    there is an option to do this without losing your data, but it is very complex if you are overwhelmed by DriveUtilty already. It involves using Terminal <cripes> to non-destructively partition your drive. This was added in 10.4.6 I believe. MacGeekGab spoke about this recently, but did not give any real details on how to do it. Do a search on the web to see if there are any instructions. But Terminal is pretty intimidating if you are not that geeky. Another option is to get a USB flash drive, offload your data onto that, then reformat your external drive using Drive Utility. Use HFS+ with Journaling enabled. Do a low level wipe, zero all blocks, to get a good clean drive. Once your drive is formatted correctly you can copy your data back from the USB. hth mm66
  8. adam mercado

    Darn Tiger 10.4.8 Update

    I updated to the 10.4.8 version and run PS CS2 and AI CS2 both with no problems thus far. Can you give any further details about other system or applcations running etc. RAM. mm66
  9. adam mercado

    Renaming iPhoto images

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to rename my photos. The digicam gives the typical 103489592.jpg type file name. I tried renaming to something more obvious in iPhoto, but this only applies inside iPhoto. The actual file is not changed. I would like to rename them only once, I have way too many to do. I tried using iViewMedia and it is pretty good, but iPhot does not seem to recognise the renamed file as it is looking at an alias, not the original renamed file (the alias retains the old cryptic title). Tried Adobe Bridge, but it is a bit slow and clunky, and the same issue with iVM alias is still there. Does anyone know of a way to get the files renamed simply and quickly? I use Flickr and dont want to have to rename my pics in iPhoto and turn around and have to rename them in the Flickr Uploader again...that is a real pain. cheers adam
  10. adam mercado

    MacPro options and opinions

    So, I've been holding off buying a new MacPro, using what little restraint I have left, waiting to see how the first batch release plays out. I have some questions and concerns, I am REALLY eager to grab one of these, my work could certainly benefit. BUT I dont want to be TOO eager and impulsive, so lets see if I can get some questions answered. 1. the video card - need a good one for AfterEffects and 3D, but the NVidea 4500 is out of my budget. Is the 7300 any good? The ATI on paper looks like great specs, but I have been disapopinted with ATI in the past compared to NVidea performance. How will the AMD purchase of ATI play into this? Would getting 2 be any benefit other than running 2 of the 30" ACDs? Will one 7300/X1900 run 2x19" monitors. 2. RAM vs CPU - Adam mentioned in an earlier podcast that it may be worthwhile sacrificing some CPU and get more RAM. So I am looking at the 2.0ghz with 4BG RAM as opposed to the 2.66ghx with 1GB RAM for about the same price. Is that a good compromise. Will the extra CPU be worthwhile, especially for 3D and video? 3. Aftermarket - RAM right now is WAY spendy for these. Will it come down in price fairly quickly? Will it be worthwhile spending my budget on CPU now and upgrading RAM as it drops in price? Historically, how long does that take, ballpark estimate? Video cards could be upgraded in the future, any reason this might not be an option - get the cheaper one now and look to upgrade when more options become available. 4. Bugs - I never buy a 1.0 anything. As anxious as I am to get one of these juicy little boxes, I am waiting to see if there are any bugs in the rush to get first order out the door. Adam has mentioned in his show some reports of assembly problems. Any other reports? 5. Quad Quads - Finally, are reports of the Quad Quads on the horizon to be believed. I heard rumor of Macworld in Jan or as early as October. this sounds crazy but boy one of those MIGHT just be worth holding off a little longer for. That would be one HECK of a machine. Or am I dreaming. cheers for sticking with me adam m
  11. adam mercado

    FYI: Backing up Final Cut projects

    One other thing to consider that I was always taught and encouraged to do. That is "black and stripe" your new DV tapes before using them. That is letting the camera record for an hour (the length of thr DV tape) with the lens cap on (or pointed at a dark wall in a dark room if you have no lens cap). This does 2 things, well one thing with another in mind. It records one continuous timecode sequence that can NEVER be broken. Leaving the lens cap on ensures that no color or luma data is captured, thus keeping the magnetic integrity of the tape in better condition (no bleed through) and if you do get a break in your shot scenes, you only have black in between takes, not some other random junk to confuse you. I do this religiously and it has never let me down hth mm66
  12. adam mercado

    "should I buy a new Mac" follow up

    Not wanting to be repetitious, looking for a follow up discussion to the "should I buy a new mac" comments on the 7-26 podcast. Looking at MacPro's versus G5s for motion graphics work and wondered what the consencus was. cheers all mm66