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    hey, im trying to run gimp on my intel macbook...i have downloaded the universal version but when ever i try to launch the app i get an error say that i must install X11 from the optional installs on my mac os x disc. i tried that and have had no luck. the app also came with a script that has to do with X11, i just dont see any results from it. what do i do/ what other programs are out there that mimic photoshop thanks in advance, dave
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    This was once on the maccast but i cant rember how it is done. I want to make an alias that is on my dock so that i can click and hold to see all my apps. like start in windows os. i did it once so i know it works. I have tried making an alias on my desktop and changing the name. then i dragged it to the dock and it functions until i throw the desktop alias into the trash. i want it to remain functioning in my dock without being on my desktop. please help, dave