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  1. MacBookinToronto

    Problems with Terminal on the iPhone

    Tried "alpine" and also "dottie" and no luck for either...am I just out of luck in general here? There has to be a way to fix this...anyone?
  2. MacBookinToronto

    Problems with Terminal on the iPhone

    Ahh, okay, did not realize that...so that's an improvement in my knowledge base Do you know what the default username and password are then? Thanks again!
  3. MacBookinToronto

    Problems with Terminal on the iPhone

    Hey everyone, so I'm having a problem with firmware 1.1.4 (Safari not saving any cookies on the phone) and know that there's a fix by either SSH-ing into your phone from your main computer (didn't work for me...kept timing out...) or to simply run a terminal command from the iPhone. I've downloaded terminal apps like Term-vt100 and can launch it fine...but the first thing it always aks is for a password, and when I try to type no letters appear and the cursor doesn't even move...what's going on here? The only thing it appears to let me do is press enter which then says to me "Login Invalid" and then asks for my user name (which I CAN type in but then it afterwards it asks for my password again and no movement again...) Can anyone help me here? Thanks so much!
  4. MacBookinToronto

    1.1.4 Software Update?

    Doesn't seem to be much different...locate me works in Google Maps now and the whole phone seems to be moving faster in general...so I say go for the upgrade...
  5. MacBookinToronto

    iPhone SDK

    I guess a week late isn't so bad..i can manage as well...
  6. MacBookinToronto

    Lyrics in Jailbreaked 1.1.3 iPhon

    scratch that, got it working :S
  7. MacBookinToronto

    Lyrics in Jailbreaked 1.1.3 iPhon

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else who has a jailbreaked iPhone running 1.1.3 was having a problem getting the lyrics to come up on the screen. Any advice? Thanks everyone!
  8. So I finally made the plunge and purchased a 16GB iPhone for $675 unlocked. Now I just had a few questions about my new iPhone. I'm running the 1.1.3 firmware and was wondering if there was anything I need to be careful to NOT do...such as when I plug it into my MacBook to sync over my contacts/calendars/music/etc. Are there any precautions I should be taking? I was also wondering how do I go about installing all of these other apps that I hear people have on their iPhones (my phone came unlocked...but not with 100 other programs that I see so many people have on their iPhones. Is there a special program I need to download that includes a ton of apps to choose from and you just check the ones you want to install? I know this is beyond a "newbie" question and I appreciate everyone's patience here Thanks everyone in advance for your help!
  9. Thanks so much for the heads up...you may have saved me a TON of money
  10. Hey everyone, I currently have a Blackberry Pearl (no data plan though since they're overpriced and utter garbage) but my question is this: I was planning on buying an iPhone 16GB this week. Basically, I don't need to tell Rogers that I'm using an iPhone right? Just that I'm using a new phone, that say...my wife bought for me at full price...and then simply ask them if I can add the $7 Unlimited Browsing option to it. So just to confirm...with my current voice/text plan ( I have unlimited SMS messaging) and potentially adding the $7 browsing add-on...will my iPhone basically be fully functional to the same extent as if I lived/bought one in the States and had an At&T plan? Will there be any functionability that I will be missing? So summed up: I'll have an unlocked 16GB iPhone plus a voice/SMS plan with Rogers and eventually (after I purchase the iPhone) I will add the $7 unlimited browsing option. Is there anything else I'm forgetting or I should be keeping in mind? Thanks so much everyone!
  11. MacBookinToronto

    On my way to Buffalo to buy an iPhone! - Need some Advice though :)

    Hey everyone, thanks so much for your input and advice. I've decided that I won't be making the trip to Buffalo for a variety a reasons I've been reading other Canadian Mac sites like ehMac.ca (that's right...we even have our own Mac Geek websites ). I wasn't concerned with not getting sold one since I do have an American passport and can simply deny being Canadian as well...but mostly I don't believe anymore the money saved will be worth the time/money spent getting to Buffalo. I think I may just bite my tongue and pay the premium to buy one from a local seller up here in Toronto. Again, thanks everyone for all your help/input. Boards like ehthe MacCast forum are beyond awesome!
  12. MacBookinToronto


    man oh man....how many times have we heard this before? I really hope it's for real this time...but I'd advise everyone not to get too excited
  13. MacBookinToronto

    How to use the iPhone in Canada- Please Help

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the links ad information. If you check out my most recent post I think I'll be making the journey across the border to Buffalo to purchase a 16GB iPhone (they go for about $750-$800 here...a price I just can;t justify in my head). Nut again, thank you all for taking the time to respond to my question and if you have the time take a look a my new post and see if you can chime in with any additional advice. Thanks again all...I don't know what I would do without the MacCast!
  14. MacBookinToronto

    How to Download Music from Users on Local Network?

    Once again you've been a life saver for me Huskermn! If they ever move MacWorld to Canada then I owe you a drink Thanks again!
  15. Hey everyone, so the day has finally arrived: I'm fed up with my Blackberry Pearl and waiting for Apple/Rogers to get their acts together and am ready to make the trip down to Buffalo to purchase a 16GB iPhone. I just had one question I was hoping the MacCast community could help me with. I'm planning on taking the Greyhound to Buffalo (since it's faster and cheaper than the via or Amtrak). However, the Greyhound station in Buffalo is located at: 181 Ellicott St Buffalo, NY 14203 whereas the Apple Store in Buffalo is located at: G116 Walden Galleria Buffalo, NY 14225 So my question is: how do I get from the Greyhound station in Buffalo to the Apple store in Buffalo? (oh if only I owned a car ) Has anyone else made the journey to Buffalo without a car and could possibly offer some advice? Any and ALL advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As you can probablyimagine, I'm extremely excited and will hopefully be making the trip as soon as tomorrow or Saturday!! Thanks so much everyone and I look forward to hearing your tips/advice Cheers! Adam