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  1. Fallen Angel

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    that kinda sucks...
  2. Fallen Angel

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    Back on the topic of Safari, I don't know if this is a problem for me specifially or not a problem at all. But after the installing the Safari 3 beta and restarting I get the Safari 3 features like in line searching and draggable tabs, however not seeing the new gui theme more like iTunes 7 and the brushed metal theme remains. On my Windows machine it has the iTunes 7 look but not on OS X. Is this what the beta on OS X is for everyone or is this just a problem for me?
  3. Fallen Angel

    DirectX 9

    The MacBooks don't support DX9 because they use integrated Intel graphics chipsets. The MacBook Pros should support DX9 with their X1300s inside.
  4. I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard the smae from there Apple store or AASP. My MacBook has been in for repair for two weeks!! for a simple keyboard key sticking and the click button being unresposive when I asked why the repair was taking so long the answer was that they were still waiting on a replacement part and when that was received my repair would be carried out the same day. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone know of a freeware App that will do the same job as AppZapper and CleanApp?
  6. Fallen Angel

    iLife question

    Similar sort of question, would I get Front Row back also??
  7. Fallen Angel

    macbook cd drive

    Yeh it wouldn't be that much of a problem if I had access to an Apple Store, I think they would have got it done rather quickly. But I live in the UK so Apple Retail stores are pretty sparse.
  8. Fallen Angel

    Switch to Mac (STM) iMac 2D Review

    Very cool and informative it just makes me want to get an iMac even more but I can't see it any time soon unless the prices drop again.
  9. Fallen Angel

    Instant Messenger apps

    Can anyone recommend a good functional app that allows me to use my MSN account to have video chat and audio chat with people on my MSN friends list. I have used Mercury and I didn't care for it that much, I'm looking for something that fits into OS X well with an Aqua interface. This may be asking a lot but has anyone got any suggestions.
  10. Fallen Angel

    macbook cd drive

    I'm currently waiting to get a my MacBook back after I took it to an AASP when the click button and a keyboard button was raising slowly and sometimes sticking. Its been in about 10 days now!!! Its killing me not having it, I need it for school too.
  11. Fallen Angel

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    Does it support video chat and audio chat with my iSight over MSN?
  12. Fallen Angel

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    I mostly just use the built in apps, I think that spotlight is just as good as quicksilver. I use MSN Messenger for Mac a lot of the time but somtimes use iChat with Jabber although its not that functional. That is my number one request for iChat is MSN support with Video and Audio support. I do need to get some apps but I have only just got my MacBook and I haven't had the chance to get them. Its only stuff like iWork and MS Office though.
  13. Fallen Angel

    iLife question

    Sweet thanks for all of the help.
  14. Fallen Angel

    I'm confused...

    Thankyou, thats all I needed .
  15. Fallen Angel

    I'm confused...

    So if I bought iWork (Standard Edition) I would be able to install it on multiple machines?? I would be able to install it on my MacBook then when I get my iMac in the future I would be able to install it on there also??