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  1. PodWorld

    Talkshoe live

    i got it working now but it has some serious reverb and feed back problems.. what should u do to fix this?
  2. PodWorld

    Talkshoe live

    I have tried to get it to run in both safari and Fire Fox both are of the latest versions. I also tried to open the port 4900 like the help said using all the default settings. I just can not get the application to launch. I am at my wits end. I want to start a podcast sometime soon and i need help.
  3. PodWorld

    In need of major help

    so another one backing it i might just try it then? but one question do i thaw it first or just hook it up right after as a slave? or should i do master?
  4. PodWorld

    In need of major help

    lol no it isnt . so the only way to fix it is to send it in then huh?:-( i really need that data but i dont have that kind of money ugh
  5. PodWorld

    In need of major help

    better said the problem was i started to hear a sorta CLick click sound comeing from the HD that was loud shut down the computer and didnt start back up after..
  6. PodWorld

    Leopard has arrived!

    looks like it all fluff to me nothing good lol
  7. PodWorld

    In need of major help

    My HD crashed recently i am on a new hd but i have alot of info on my old one. I dont think the data is courpted on it or anything just something broke inside and refuses to boot ok. please i neeed to know of a way to salvage my info it there a place to senf it to in the 95969 area code in calif or the closest one that can do a professional job for me?
  8. PodWorld

    Java problems?`

    ty i will tell you if it worked
  9. PodWorld

    Java problems?`

    My dad is having problems playing games on pogo he says that he can chat int he rooms but as far as seeing and playing the game part of the room he is not able to do. I thought java could be corupted but when i went to apple.come to get the latesest version it said it couldnt be found. I'm geting a big that i cant figurre this out. Maby a fellow mac geek can figure this out.
  10. PodWorld

    blocking websites

    Hey i need a way to block a website how do i go about doing that fo free on a mac?
  11. PodWorld

    Moving icons?

    I do not know wheirther this is a bug or not but it pisses me off. I arange my icons the way that i want them. And if it dosent like them after i shut down or restart it moves them into an odd as hell place on the desktop. anyone elese have this happen in 10.4? maby even 10.3 idk
  12. PodWorld

    Skype, CPU -1.0%?

    what would ya recomend?
  13. PodWorld

    PodWorld and PodWorld guest offer

    e-mail is PodWorld@sbcglobal.net
  14. PodWorld

    Skype, CPU -1.0%?

    Call info: Duration: 00:11:24 Timestamp: 23.08.2006 19:25 Type: 2 Status: 6 Call debug info: ObjID: 180 Codec: iLBC Jitter: 162 Packet loss: 0.0% (0) Send packet loss: 0.0%/00.0 Recv packet loss: 0.0%/0.0% Roundtrip: 60ms BM: audio 1667 / 20 ms video 0 corr 99% SessionOut: UDP (2183 packets) SessionIn: UDP (926 packets) Relays: 0 UDP status local:Good remote:Good CPU usage: -1.0% -1.0%
  15. PodWorld

    Skype, CPU -1.0%?

    DSL Link: Connected Internet: Connected Connection Speed: • Incoming: 3008 kbps • Outgoing: 512 kbps I Have always made it a pet-p so yes i have 10.4.7 that i alwat keep up to date on my computer. I am th only one on my network i have a sbc 2wire 1701HG router that i use with wireless capibilities. Is there a way to have it stop transmitting wireless and boost my connection? With the new version of skype that still beta i still had this problem witht he old skype. Could emptying old programs from my HD help i ahve a 200GB with about 88-86 gb lefy i dont remember and dont want to look right now. So what can i do?