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  1. Hi all, I just unboxed my new 24" iMac (which is my newest mac in over 3 years!!!) and I have hooked it up directly to my ethernet connection. I was hoping to share my internet connection, wirelessly, through my iMac without a hardware router or base station. I have followed the Help Menu instructions to turn on internet sharing, but I cannot see my iMac as a connection point on my iBook. (By the way, the Help menu instructions are really quite bad!! Thank god for forums like this.) So does anyone have better instructions on how to sharing internet connection through my iMac. My iBook G4 is using 10.3.9 and is paired with my first version (wireless a/b/g) Airport Express. Also, I cannot seem to find this Airport Express from my Airport Utilities on my iMac. I have reset the AE multiple times to try to force it to recognize it. Thanks for all your help, Phil Goodfellow
  2. Phil Goodfellow

    Merging User Accounts

    Hi Everyone, After 2 years of using two user accounts with fast switching, my wife and I are tired of switching back and forth and want to merge our two accounts into one? Does anyone know the best way to go about doing this? Is there an app that could help me out? Thanks, Phil
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    Help - Carbon Copy Cloner Back-up

    Joe, Thanks so much for your help!! Worked like a charm -- I appreciate all your help. Phil
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    Help - Carbon Copy Cloner Back-up

    Hi Everyone, I am a long-time MacCast listener btu a first time poster. After listening to multiple episodes discussing how to back-up your mac and re-install the OS, I decided to try it out myself on my iBook G4. I backed-up using Carbon Copy Cloner to an external firewire drive; then once I had checked the back-up, I did a clean install of OS X 10.3.9. When that was done, I did a software update and restarted. But, this is where I find a gap in knowledge -- I tried dragging and dropping the archived folders back on to my new clean mac and it told me I didnèt have sufficient priviliages. So then I dragged over Carbon Copy Cloner, hoping to be able to use it to move my homes and library folder. But that still did not work --- So HELP --- What do I do to get my settings and files from the archive on to my Mac -- Please help me before my wife finds out what I have done --- I do not want to be in the dog-house for six months because of this. Thanks, Phil Goodfellow