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  1. Neo

    IMAP bug in Tiger's Mail.app?

    No, because Leopard works at home, and Tiger won't work anywhere else but @ work.
  2. Hi everybody. Here's the deal. I've been using Apple Mail 3 on Leopard to connect to my mail server at work using IMAP, and everything works fine. I can download mail from work wherever I am. My problem is with another computer I'm using for the same thing running Apple Mail 2 on Tiger. The settings are the same as far as I can tell, but I can only download mail when I'm at work (connected directly to my company's intranet). When I get home, my IMAP account goes offline, can't connect back, and I can't even ping the IMAP server at work. If it's a security thing, and I can't connect to my intranet from outside, how come it's working in Leopard? Has anyone come across the same issue? Is there any way I can get my mail from home using Mail 2? (I can't upgrade to Leopard on the other Mac, and I hate using other clients. POP isn't available) Thanks a bunch.
  3. Neo

    Steve Jobs' height

    Does anybody know for a fact how tall Steve is? Thanks.
  4. Neo

    image mirroring

    Thanks. Preview gets the job done just fine. Do you happen to know a tool that does the same thing with iSight movies captured by Photo Booth? They just come up the wrong way. I'd like my right hand to be my right hand in a clip. Thanks a lot.
  5. Neo

    image mirroring

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can apply a mirroring effect (horizontal or vertical flip) to a picture in iPhoto or any other good and cheap image editing software? Thanks.
  6. Neo

    Leopard Upgrade DVD

    Stupid me. Turns out I just missed the Options button which would have enabled me to select an archive&install or erase&install. The only downside of the upgrade DVD remains that it does require that I have Tiger already installed to work. Sorry for the false alarm.
  7. Neo

    Leopard Upgrade DVD

    Yeah, or I could just download the DVD using torrents. Cause technically, I already legally own Leopard.
  8. Neo

    Leopard Upgrade DVD

    I just got my $9.95 Leopard upgrade dvd from Apple, using the up-to-date program for Macs purchased after Oct 1st. The problem is that it seems to be a stripped down version of the Leopard installer. It only allows me to do an OS upgrade; the archive&install and the erase&install options are unavailable. So the closest I can ever get to a clean install would be erase&installing Tiger, and then upgrading to Leopard. Am I missing something or this really sucks?
  9. Neo

    Apple Retail Stores

    Hey, does anybody know how good my chances of finding non-standard Macbook configurations at the Apple Stores are? For example, the $1299 model with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD. Thanks!
  10. I didn't get that email. Not even in the Spam/Junk. So I called again, and it seems everything's OK. Apparently, I will always have the possibility to log into my account, and re-download my purchased books, or change my membership plan. I don't know why I haven't thought of this, because it makes total sense. So here's what my account info says: Registered Date: 08/16/07 Membership Plan: None Available Credits: 0 So they switched my membership from Gold to None. Apparently, this means I will not be charged unless/until I decide to become a member again. So it looks like they're not really bad people, they just happen to have bugs right in the "cancel membership" section of their website
  11. So I called them about 30 minutes ago and talked to a guy who told me that the "Cancel Membership" link had been there, but it seems I accidentally clicked it once and it went away Anyway, he ended up assuring me that he terminated my membership, I wouldn't be charged, and I would receive a confirmation email right away. The problem is I haven't yet received that mail, and what's more, I can still log into my audible account. Am I missing something?
  12. The problem is that neither solution seems to apply to me. When I browse my account details, the only link that appears is the "Change Membership Plan". No "Cancel Membership" link is to be found anywhere on the page
  13. Hi. Does anybody know HOW I can cancel my audible.com subscription? I applied for the 14 day free trial and now I want to cancel it before they charge me (which is tomorrow). The problem is I can't find a way to do this on their site. Are they cheating? Does anybody know what's going on?
  14. Neo

    Apple buys CUPS

    Apple bought the source code of CUPS (Common UNIX Print System). http://www.topix.net/tech/linux/2007/07/apple-now-owns-cups My question is WHY. Why buy open source software and what does it mean? And is there any possible scenario where CUPS users who don't use a Mac should worry?
  15. Neo

    NEW Shuffle is awesome!

    Pros: nice design, nice small package, great clipper, low price Cons: they don't have built-in usb connector (carrying the dock connector will be a drag), they don't come in white any more. Still, even if they require that annoing usb dock, I don't believe you won't be able to use them for data storage any more. Are you sure about this??