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  1. Boogie

    Photoshop and russian

    Hi guys! I got a quite strange problem, but I'm confident we will solve it! Can you help me as a 1-year switcher & believer? Let me explain a bit: I make graphics to help somebody out who's introducing a game on the russian market. Therefor he delivers me Word-docs with the russian translation in it (and an English one so I know what it says :-) ). I use these texts (yes, copy & paste...) to put them in my Photoshop-artwork. (Adobe Photoshop CS) But, -and I do not know if this is Mac or mac/Photoshop related-, it shows me, once I copy it, plain gibberish in Photoshop, even when all fonts are the same (plain simple Arial). I opened the Word-doc in a) Neooffice and Pages. Both show the russian fine. It's only in Photoshop that the font does not recognise the lettering after a c&p. I use a standard installed (english) Macbook pro. No extra fonts added or so, just plain simple mac, and I'm not fond of adding lots of gizmo's Anyone got a solution how to trick Photoshop in acknowledging the Russian? Is it me? Is it the Mac? Or is it this version of Photoshop?It worked always fine on my old PC, and if I could tackle this, I would not have to switch back and forth for this last item... Thanx!
  2. Boogie


    Supposing we all use Garageband, we all use a free service like libsyn for hosting files and we all know a bit about ftp, which is the most ideal way to - make your rss - publish your rss and how do we -for the first time- register all this stuff in itunes so people can find it?
  3. Boogie

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Hear hear! Okay, so, recording the podcast as a podcasting newbie is EASY. Garageband: I'll figure it out eventually But the publishing part, HOW? Especially with all the tags in rss itunes needs. Can we do it from within Garageband (3) ? Or do we need things like "feeder"? Oh mighty one, please help us
  4. Boogie

    Organizing .dmg files?

    What always works for me: - If I download software (I'm a freeware/shareware-fan) I always keep the .dmg-files on a separate folder on my harddisk (or the latest 2 versions anyway) - I regularly take a backup of the complete harddisk (Diskduper rulez) Like this, if you want to do a clean install, let's say, for example, for installing Leopard, you always have an external disk with the dmg-files on it. Other suggestion: keep them on your disk temporarily & sync using Silverkeeper (free) for "adding" them to your external storage device.
  5. Boogie

    Garageband and MIDI: IN but no OUT?

    Update: I found MidiO 1.2 as a possible solution http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/23227 I'd like to hear from you for more easy ways to play back music on my synth
  6. Hi Guys, Just bought a nice EDIROL-midi interface via USB to complete my Mac-setup & connect my Roland Keyboard. Installed the driver (for you Intel-guys like me: get the latest one from the support website), did the configging in audio MIDI setup, and go...? No. IN works fine in Garageband. Is there no way to send MIDI-signals OUT of Garageband to the keyboard/synth in question or do I have to get an expensive proggy? Is Quicktime also unable to export MIDI-signals to anything else then the internal synthesizer? While Prefs of Garageband do specify 2 MIDI input(s) (1 out and 1 in, properly connected & working) connected, Audio Output cannot be changed to the wanted configuration... Any comments and/or solutions? CU around, Maccastfans!
  7. Boogie

    GPS on the Mac

    Hi guys, Anyone knows of a GPS module for my handy dandy new "Express Card slot" in my Macbook pro? It seems like the right place to put such a thing. Any other GPS setups that work fine on Mac? I'd prefer something "internal" card-like, yet... Does it exist So as a second option: post all your nice & working Garmin etc. setups. Thanx a lot!
  8. Boogie


    It is one of the standard Invision Boards looks, a bit "maccasted". I like it. It is functional. Yet, if I may add my 2 cents: take a look here: simple skin, and sooooo familiar: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/