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  1. yalskey

    I need a Backup App with these features...

    Not to re-hijack my own thread back, but I wanted to update all the thousands of people who have helped me on this issue. Solution: MacItBetter's BetterZip with the RAR helper so I can compress and split into volumes and then I just use Toast to burn the volumes to DVD's. Done & done.
  2. yalskey

    I need a Backup App with these features...

    I already backup using SuperDuper! to an external hard drive... plus I have Time Machine backing up to my Time Capsule. However, there's just a good sense of security I get when backing up to physical media like CD/DVD's vs. hard drives. Hard drives have crapped out on me in the blink of an eye in my past, so redundancy is the key. Yes, I have one layer of redundancy already, but I wouldn't mind being able to backup very important files and/or entire video editing projects, etc. onto DVD. It just gives me a sense of security to know that I have things locked in on DVD's in case a power surge wipes out all my external / internal hard drives or whatever. I've contacted ProSoft Engineering about their Data Backup 3 app. They said it can compress, span disc, and burn DVD's, but that it can't make bootable DVD's for a bare metal restore. I might try the app in demo mode. In the mean time, anymore suggestions would be appreciated. I guess there's not a whole lot of backup options on mac because either 1) Mac's don't randomly melt down nearly as frequently as PC's, thus not really having a huge demand for backup apps, and 2) there's already a few excellent apps (Time Machine, SuperDuper!, CCC) that cover the vast majority of user's backup needs. p.s. Anybody know where I can download the Apple Backup app that came with .mac? Does it work with Snow Leopard?
  3. I'm looking for a GUI-based backup app that has as many of the following features as possible... 1) Can burn to CD's/DVD's inside the App, or at least the app allows me to split into volumes of a specified size (I could always burn the volumes / compressed files to CD/DVD's using Toast) 2) Can span-disc large backups across multiple CD's/DVD's (don't need if I can split in to volumes of a specified size). 3) Can compress (zip, rar, etc.) the backup WHILE also span-disc-ing OR splitting into multiple volumes. 4) Can create a bootable CD/DVD that could bare-metal restore my Mac from my backup discs alone to a blank / new hard drive. (this is the cherry on top and is not absolutely necessary) At the bare minimum, I would be happy with a reliable compression program that split into volumes of a specified size, while also compressing everything. For the PC, I use Acronis TrueImage and/or WinRAR... but there's nothing like that on the Mac side, that I could find. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ok, ok, so we are back on track on for bringing you episodes once or twice per week. In our 40th episode of the Self-Defense Show we talk about the man going around and sexually assaulting other men. We hear from some of our listeners about the new year, and Charles tells you about his new card game he made called Wizard War. Not too long of an episode, but a good one to start the new year out. Please give us a call at 1-206-600-5520. Email us at selfdefense@mac.com. Visit both SelfDefenseShow.com and DefenseChat.com. Or drop us a snail mail: Self-Defense Show, P.O. Box 19694, Baltimore, MD 21225
  5. We are BACK... again! This time we cover travel and hotel / motel safety tips. We should be back on track from now on with about 2 shows per week. We aren't trying to kill ourselves anymore with too much content. Thanks for being patient with us during our lazy break :-) Please let your voice be heard. Voicemail 206-600-5520, Email selfdefense@mac.com Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Snail Mail Self-Defense Show, PO Box 19694, Baltimore MD 21225
  6. This is our 2nd part to the topic of workplace violence. Christie tells some personal stories of what she has experienced in the hotel business that would relate to violence in the workplace. We also talk about hiring and firing procedures; especially of difficult or dangerous individuals. Let us know what you think about this episode. Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Forums: www.DefenseChat.com Snail Mail: Self-Defense Show, PO Box 19694, Baltimore MD 21225
  7. We are BACK!!! Whew! After Charles endured working 152 hours in 2 weeks at his day job, we have finally found some time to release episode 037 to you guys. Sorry for the delay, but it was mega crazy for the last couple of weeks. This is part 1 on the issue of Workplace Violence. Part 2 will be on episode 038. Let us know you missed us :-) Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Snail Mail: Self-Defense Show, P.O. Box 19694, Baltimore, MD 21225 Forums: www.DefenseChat.com
  8. In this special Halloween episode of the Self-Defense Show, Christie and Charles mostly goof around with jokes and such. However, they do slip in some good self-defense and safety tips about going trick or treating. They discuss how to find out about registered sex offenders in your neighborhood; in order to avoid them on Halloween night. They talk about how kids can be safe going around and knocking on doors, etc. We thought we would put this episode out a few days before Halloween so that you could have time to listen to it and put some of the tips into action. If you are one of the first 100 members of www.DefenseChat.com, then don't forget to check you email on Halloween night for instructions on how to get your exclusive vip secret episode. Otherwise, Tuesday's episode will be on Workplace violence. Don't forget to contact us! Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Forums: www.DefenseChat.com SnailMail: Self-Defense Show, PO Box 19694, Baltimore MD 21225
  9. SPECIAL RE-RELEASE: Not widely available until now, episode 002 of the Self-Defense Show is basically an interview with Loren W. Christensen. Charles does all the talking in this semi-short episode, as the interview was email based due to Mr. Christensen's busy schedule. If you are interested in his books or videos, check out www.lwcbooks.com. This re-release makes a total of 35 episode available for you to listen to. We really hope you are enjoying our first couple of episodes. Although different from the episodes we do now-a-days, these episodes still have some good value to them. Please let us know what you think. Email: Self-Defense@mac.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Visit: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Forums: www.DefenseChat.com Mailing Address: Self-Defense Show P.O. Box 19694 Baltimore, MD 21225
  10. SPECIAL RE-RELEASE: We have decided to put our very first episode out for everyone to enjoy. As you can probably hear, the production quality was lower back then. Also, don't be fooled by the different contact information we had back then. Use the current voicemail phone number, and email address, as they have changed since this was first released. You may also note a complete lack of humor or crude profanity in this episode. It was very stiff and up-tight back then. At least you can hear how much we have grown. The highlight of this first episode is the interview with Marc "Animal" MacYoung. I hope Joshimacvid and Wombat (winners of this episode about a month ago) don't mind us releasing it for everyone to hear. Thursday's episode will be 002, which, like this episode, has been unavailable up until now. Let us know what you think about our first episode! Mailing Address: Self-Defense Show P.O. Box 19694 Baltimore, MD 21225 Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Official Forums: www.DefenseChat.com
  11. After lots of not-so-funny episodes, Christie and Charles sit back and goof around while talking about identity theft and how to do it to somebody. Learn all the inside secrets on how to rip people off, steal their private information, and destroy their financial futures... oh, wait, what's that Christie? You don't say. Well folks, looks like this show is about identity theft PROTECTION, and not how to commit the criminal act of identity theft. Simple mistake, sorry :-) Mailing Address: Self-Defense Show P.O. Box 19694 Baltimore, MD 21225 Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520 Official Forums: www.DefenseChat.com
  12. The 3rd part in our Domestic Violence series (with 031 and 032 being the first 2 parts) talks about factors you need to consider when trying to leave a violent relationship. What are the nuts & bolts things you need to setup and have ready so you can make as clean of a break from your abuser as possible. What about banks accounts, lawyer's fees, divorce paperwork, changing your address, etc.? This episode will serve as a basic guide to some of the major things that need to be in place in order to break out of your negative relationship. Although we do NOT talk about protection orders or restraining orders in this episode, we WILL talk about them in an upcoming show. If you, or someone your know is in an abusive relationship, please have them call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Mailing address: VITAL Self-Defense LLC, PO Box 19694, Baltimore, MD 21225. Voicemail: 206-600-5520. Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Forums: www.DefenseChat.com
  13. We have 2 guests in the "studio" with us on this special episode. SharkSurfer (aka Justin) from the www.DefenseChat.com and Dawn & Drew message boards is here, along with his coworker Rebecca. Together, we run down VITAL Self-Defense's 12 Safety Rules for Kids. We were planning for this episode to be about how domestic violence victims can formulate an escape plan, but we thought since we had guests, we would do a different subject. Look for that topic to be covered next episode. Mailing address: VITAL Self-Defense LLC, PO Box 19694, Baltimore, MD 21225. Voicemail: 206-600-5520. Email: SelfDefense@mac.com Website: www.SelfDefenseShow.com Forums: www.DefenseChat.com
  14. 032 is the episode number, and www.SelfDefenseShow.com where it's at! After the www.DefenseChat.com announcement, episode 032 gets started. Christie and I take turns going over the 16 solid reasons why a woman in an abusive relationship chooses to stay with her abuser... or why it is so complex and difficult to leave him. Since most outside people's advice is "why don't you just leave him", we thought we might answer that question here. Also stick around until the very end because Charles will tell you about the dangers of Art Supplies! Don't forget, we have a brand new message board / forums for the show. Go to www.DefenseChat.com and register. The first 100 members of the board by Halloween, will have exclusive access to a special VIP episode of the Self-Defense Show. Also, the top 3 members (by number of posts) will get a super secret gift mailed to them :-) Go over there and hang out between shows! www.DefenseChat.com www.SelfDefenseShow.com SelfDefense@mac.com Voicemail: 206-600-5520
  15. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE The Self-Defense Show is going to switch to a KARATE ONLY format!!! Just joking :-) Actually, I wanted to let you guys know that we now have our own forum / message board.... read below for more info: That’s right, good old Charles has finally figured out how to setup a message board / forum. I just set it up today, so it’s still needs you guys to go over there and plant seeds. www.DefenseChat.com This is the official forums for the Self-Defense Show. Plus, other people can come there and chat too if they want. I would expect that most people who sign up there will be dedicated listeners to this podcast however. Pretty cool domain name eh? I’m surprised it wasn’t already taken. If any of you cats out there know a lot about running a message board, maybe I could ask you some questions. The first 100 members to the message board will gain access to a special “VIP” show that will be released in the future... that’s right, only the first 100 members will be able to hear us blabber on in an exclusive secret mystery episode. Hurry up and get your account setup over there because the cut-off for being within the first 100 members is Halloween!!! Then, later that night (the 31st of October), we will send you a VIP password to access the special show! On top of all that, the top 3 members of the forum (most posts by the 31st) will get a extra special gift mailed to them from the Self-Defense Show!