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    iOS 8.3-Bug?

    Hello Harry, Thank you for your comment. I hope Apple will fix this issue in the next iOS-update. Obviously they don't like the "All Photos" overview. As you might remember: they even dropped it in the 1st iOS 8-release... Best regards, Heiko
  2. Heiko

    iOS 8.3-Bug?

    After uploading photos via iCloud.com or the photos app they always appear at the farthest end in the "all photos" overview. According to the EXIF information the picture is rather old and should appear earlier in this overview. In the collection overview the order is correct. It's only the "all photos" overview. Any hints/comments? Do you experience the same issue?
  3. Yes. But it didn't help. But I have found a solution for my problem: After changing the setting in the iTunes network sharing options it works.
  4. I am not able to play-back any song from my playlists. I get the following error message: "An unknown error occurred. Please check your library and try again." Any hints?
  5. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...080627055609571 I will try this modified one (sleep instead of shutdown): do shell script "/System/Library/CoreServices/backupd.bundle/Contents/Resources/backupd-helper > /dev/null 2>&1 &" repeat delay 10 if not IsProcRunning("backupd") then ignoring application responses --tell application "loginwindow" to «event aevtshut» tell application "System Events" to sleep end ignoring exit repeat end if end repeat on IsProcRunning(theProc) try do shell script "ps auxc | grep \"" & theProc & "\"" return true on error return false end try end IsProcRunning
  6. Hey Lepoard users, I want to leave my Mac (MacBookPro) in sleep mode - but not until after Time Machine has completed the backup. Any hints? Or should I write an apple script using a "System Events"-query? Best regards
  7. FairGame doesn't work for me. I changed my Universal Access and iMovie prefs, but I get an AppleScript error: AppleScript Error Can't get item 1 of {}. (-1728). Has anyone used this successfully? Best regards, Heiko FairGame: v1.0 iTunes: v7.0.2
  8. Hi Mac Users, I am running a local Tomcat instance for web application development. Now I want to save my passwords in the keychain. But I can't (it's a normal JAAS dialog - Firefox asks me!). As I am using a "http://localhost:8080"-URL I think it's a problem with this special URL. Any hints? Thank you. Heiko