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  1. ramtha

    Editing the services menu

    That's a great article—thanks!
  2. ramtha

    Editing the services menu

    A reader of my blog left a comment on an article I wrote on some less well known keyboard shortcuts: http://howgoodisthat.wordpress.com/2008/12...hidden-features He wanted to know how to change the default browser from Safari to Firefox for ⌘⇧L (search selection in Google). I suggested he might try Service Scrubber (http://www.manytricks.com/servicescrubber/), but when I've come to try it out for myself I can't figure out how it's done. If anyone knows, could you drop me a line in the comments to the article please—there's quite a few people subscribed to my RSS comments who'd like to know. Thanks in advance.
  3. ramtha

    Top Tip for UK Mac users

    As a separate unit, yes. The built-in iSight is very much alive though.
  4. ramtha

    Top Tip for UK Mac users

    Yes mate. There is a built-in mic. I don't know about non-Intel machines, but I'm guessing it's Leopard which supports generic cam drivers, rather than anything special about the chipset - I could be wrong, but I can't see why it wouldn't work with PPC and possibly even OS X 10.4 Tiger. Please let me know how you get on.
  5. ramtha

    Top Tip for UK Mac users

    The American giant WalMart bought UK retailer ASDA a couple of years ago and the cost of consumer electronics in their super stores has been tumbling ever since. I spotted this little £8 webcam and figured, for that price, I'd take a punt on it working with Mac, despite a total lack of on-packaging Minimum System Requirements, which usually means Windows only. Sure enough, when I got home and plugged it in, Quicktime just saw it as a recording device and recorded from it, both audio with the built-in mic and video with the 300k CMOS and, most importantly of all (and very Apple) utterly zero fuss. The really nifty thing is that, if I log into Skype as my girlfriend and into another video chat client on my own account, the Mac automatically picks the next available video and audio source (built-in iSight and Built-in Mic) as oposed to what you might think would happen, where you might get an error or a "device busy" message. So presumably it should be possible for me to do multi camera live recording. Stay tuned on the results of my experiments with this later on! So if you're looking out for an incredibly cheep replacement webcam, as an alternative to your iSight, or you have an older Apple machine, before the built in iSight was standard, get yourself to ASDA WalMart and pick up their nothing fancy looking, works with Mac out of the box store branded webcam now! Stay tuned on if it works with iMovie and FinalCut simultaneously to the iSight for live multi-camera recording. Also, can I ask, if anyone knows of any Open Source / Freeware which will allow me do this, can you drop a reply to this. TIA
  6. Popular BitTorrent client for Windows, uTorrent has been compiled for Mac OS X and leaked on BitTorrent site demonoid Here's some screen shots... http://howgoodisthat.wordpress.com/2008/09...ed-on-demonoid/
  7. I want to forward all my RSS subscriptions to a blogger.com mail address, so that I can use the feed from my blogger account to show all my subscriptions in a side panel on my wordpress blog. I've set up the blogger.com account so that the mail address I send from posts to the blogger.com blog, but when I set up a Rule in Mail.app to forward all RSS articles received to that same post mail address, Google mail returns them forwarded articles as undeliverable. I know the post mail blog is working because I can post a regular text mail to it, even including attachments. But I can't seem to figure out how to strip everything but the content from the RSS articles, so that the formatting doesn't trip up the blogger.com e-mail to blog post software and bounce the forwarded articles back. Is there a program or webapp which aggregates several RSS feeds into one RSS feed? Is there an Apple Script which will strip the RSS formatting from an RSS feed received in Mail.app, leaving only the article content, so that this can be forwarded to blogger? Thanks in advance guys!
  8. ramtha

    Adding a Trash alias to the Finder sidebar

    No, there is no .Trash file - even if there is something in there. Great script by the way.
  9. In Leopard, Apple added a Media tab to the side panel, providing quick access to iPhoto library from within open and save dialogue boxes. By opening an event from your iPhoto library, shown in all system wide save and open windows and then hitting the space bar when any photo or video in the library is highlighted, you can view that selection in the full area beneath the events list and navigate forwards and backwards through the library using the arrow keys, left and right. Hitting Return or Enter selects the current file and opens or saves it, depending on the dialogue box you have open, which is especially handy for uploading multiple selections to Wordpress or Flickr, for example, without having to drag and drop from iPhoto or even open the application at all, just to get at one or two images or video clips.
  10. I didn't know about Option and Shift either - so thanks for all of that. I also noticed while playing around with this, that Volume and Option alone opens the Sound System Preferences - which is handy! Also, volume and Shift temporarily enables the "Play Feedback When Volume IS Changed" option, which is handy for setting the volume when no audio is playing.
  11. ramtha

    Google anything you can highlight

    I was amazed that I'd never found this one before. It's perfect, really.
  12. I found this one by accident. Command + Shift + L will Google any text you currently have highlighted, even folder and file names, in a new Safari browser window.
  13. ramtha


    The Download URL has changed to: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/27054/superdocker
  14. http://howgoodisthat.wordpress.com/2008/07...-x-105-leopard/ Don't look at me like that, I KNOW this should be a no-brainer. But I've just spent 30 minutes on the phone to Apple Care technical support, with a man paid to be confused about this sort of thing, as he flipped through pages and pages of "so your caller appears to have found something which is fundamentally broken with our OS" help-me files, so you can rest assured it's not just me having a blond moment. The problem is to do with auto-fill - a feature of OS X which is another of those features that, when you first come across it, reminds you why you love Mac - but which you never bother to figure out how to use or adjust and so are completely in the dark about when it behaves unexpectedly. Auto-fill remembers information like your postal address, mobile number and email address so that, when you fill in a form on, say, amazon.co.uk, all you have to do to automatically enter all your details is hold down Command + Shift + A and Safari will securely paste your info into the form fields for you. The e-mail address part was the sticking point for me, because having recently done a complete erase re-install of Leopard, I was at a complete loss as to how OS X had managed to retain any of my personal information - when I was registering an install of Photoshop and the "click here" box already 'knew' my email address (which was actually incorrect). I hunted high and low on every Mac help forum there is and no one seemed to have encountered the problem before - it was as if I was the only Mac user in the world who didn't know how to change the default system wide e-mail address. Here's how it's done.. Open Safari and open preferences. Click 'AutoFill' and next to 'Using info from my Address book card', click 'Edit'. Your own V-card will open in Address book. Change your details and quit Address book. Sounds simple, right? And it is - and I feel really dumb for not knowing already how it's done - but hey - it's just reminder that even we hardened Mac heads sometimes need a refresher on the basics.
  15. ramtha

    Maximze Window Shortcut

    Ahh - now that's not so intuitive is is? But thanks, I got it now!!