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    Dictate on Apple TV 4K

    Hi folks, hope all is well. A few weeks after I purchased the Apple TV the dictate function that I use for searching stopped working. It also didn’t work on the iPhone remote app so I figured it was not the hardware. I tried all the usual steps, restart and reset and restore but nothing worked. Then the remote wouldn’t let me scroll down so I booked a repair with Apple, sent the box into them and they sent me a replacement unit. I have had the replacement unit for 6 days now and the dictate has stopped working again. We don’t have the Siri Remote features yet in Ireland (its still only available in limited countries) but we can search using our voice. Apple support seem stumped at this one, I’m waiting to hear back as the case has been escalated but i just wondered if you might know what the issue may be. thanks, Dave Apple TV 4k, iOS 12.0.1
  2. Hey all, Apple TV is not showing up on the devises list of my MacBook anymore. Rebooted everything (Mac, ATV and Airport). All software is up to date, see below. All that worked was reconnecting my ATV but that means it wipes all the content and has to re-sync from scratch (takes 24 hours). As soon as i restart my Mac the ATV never appears in the devises list. According to the apple forums i am not the only one with this problem. Any help appreciated. iTunes 9.0.2 Apple TV 3.0.1 MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) OS 10.6.2 Airport Express with firmware version 7.4.2
  3. davejacko

    Startup log, History of times?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows is there is a way of getting a list of the startup and shutdown times in Leopard. I have a sneaking suspicion someone who has my password is snooping around my Mac when i am not there. I noticed this by looking at recent files in Pages that I haven't opened in months.
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone coyuld give me some advice, i am starting a small web/multimedia design business, all Mac based. To start we will have 4-5 users and hope to grow from there. Whats the best network soloution for us. We want to make it a wireless office if possible. the functionality we will need: - exchange files with each other wirelessly if possible. - wireless internet connection - nightly or weekly back up solotion (some files may be big) If possible I don't want to spend a fourtune - would a AirPort Extreme Base Station hooked up to a large say 1 TB external UBS 2.0 drive using Super Duper work well or is wireless too slow for backup of big files? Any advice would be appreciated. Dave.
  5. Thanks, Does Parallels have a windows file directory structure as my business banking saves certificates on the hard drive?
  6. Hi, Anyone have any clue how to hide the Windows Partition that Booot Camp Creates on my OS 10 Desktop? Obvoiusly i need it to run Windows but i don't want to look at it on my desktop, i'm upset enought i have had to install Windows and infect my Mac (my buisiness online banking does't work on a Mac!) Thanks, Dave in Dublin.
  7. davejacko

    Aiport Network Questions

    I can't use one mac as a base station to feed the internet connection, we have wireless internet already coming in to the office via another wireless router (non apple) from downstairs. What we want to do is connect to each other wirelessly so the internet and network would be 2 seperate wireless signals comoing into each mac. Can this be done? Just got a Mac Pro - wow!
  8. Hi All, I want to set up a small wireless network in my office for 3 macs alll with airport cards. Do i need a Airport base station/airport express? We already get our internet wirelessly from another sourse in the office below us so i am wondering if we can contunue to receive the same wirelesss internet while using a airport base station to network our macs or does the internet have to come through the base station? As you can see i am new to all this wireless network stuff, Help would be appreciated, Dave (in Dublin)