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  1. Hello all, recently my iBook G4 ( 14" 1.42GHz, 512mb of ram) has been giving me some trouble so i reinstalled leopard last night and everything seamed fine and dandy. But after a while i got the same problem; my battery was not charging properly. The power cord would light up as usual "orange" to show that its charging but on the bottom of my iBook the battery indicator lights dont light up and its not charging! Im fairly certian that its not a problem with my battery because i have two of them and each wont charge; has anyone else experienced the same problem? do you think its my power cord or my batteries?


    Thanks in advanced



  2. Like many others have said i think the best choice keyboard wise is the Aluminum Wireless Keyboard, but for a mouse i recommend The Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse . Ive got the mouse on May 24th, 2008 and i haven't changed the batteries once, its highly responsive and has a 360 trackball like the mighty mouse but it dosent get gunk stuck in it, and its very customizable software wise.

  3. Anyone willing to part with an external iSight camera? willing to pay up to $150 (anyone in Vancouver B.C?) Thanks i really want one since i just got a Mac pro and was surprised to see that there are hardly any mac compatable cameras... anyone no of any mac compatible cams?

  4. Hi i would appreciate your thoughts :)


    So i have finally saved up enough money to buy a shiny new mac but im stuck on which one to buy. I have enough for a Mac pro but would it be overkill? Right now i have a 1.42ghz iBook G4 512mb of ram running 10.5.1. At the moment im very interested in mastering CS3, Final cut express, Aperture/Lightroom, and possibly Logic. As you might have have guessed i cant run any of these programs very well on my iBook, ive tried CS2 on my iBook but it really struggled. So basically im just learning these programs. Would the iMac be able to handle these programs down the road? or would you suggest the Mac Pro.

    Keep in mind im only 16, So this kind of cash does not come easy and im looking for something that will last more than 5 years.





  5. Has anyone seen the fix for this, there are a couple of references on apple discussion forums, but no resolution.


    I have MBP with dual monitors. I have the monitors stacked (one aboe the other). Since upgrading to Leopard, Preview (opening PDFs) opens with half the image on one monitor, half on the other. If I drag Preview to put image all on one monitor, it does not remember this setting the next time I get in.




    Brent Templeton


    Have you gone to system preferences to look if there is such a setting?

  6. If i purchase an external webcam or a used iSight will Photo-booth and iChat work on a Mac pro? On my iBook G4 leopard came with photo booth and it will launch and everything but it says no camera attached so i assume it would work if i had an external iSight? If anyone have any experience with this please post a response :)





  7. Today Apple has quietly updated the MacBook to the Santa Rosa architecture with speed bumps and now has a X3100 video card still has integrated video....i wish there was a design refresh also but the speed bumps are nice too.

    here is the specs


    White 13.3"

    $1099.00 2.0GHz/1GB RAM/80GB/Combo/GMA X3100

    $1299.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/120GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100


    Black 13.3"

    $1499.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/160GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100


    you can now also upgrade the ram to 4gb and up 250gb hard drive.

  8. It sounds like a bug, but I guess it could be a hardware limitation (although I don't know why it would limit menu bar transparency and not other parts of leopard). Sorry about earlier, but with the grey background, it looked like you just couldn't tell if it was transparent or not. My bad.


    Im running leopard on my 1.42 ghz G4 with 512mb of ram and i have the transparent menu bar...

    maybe some installs didn't include it or it is a hardware limitation and i just got lucky?

  9. I have an 1.42ghz ibook G4 with 512 ram and leopard runns great! cover flow and minimizing is a bit laggy but other than that its epic. It makes my mac run great and make it feel new again and looks very slick. I highly recommend leopard to anyone that wants a new fast reliable operating system.

  10. Hey has anyone had any problems with mail? when i open it every time it crashes its fairly annoying but not devastating since im using mailplaine for gmail. Other then that 10.5 is very sweet i love the new look, and quicklook is very useful, the os is very snapy too makes my iBook G4 feel new again. Overall this is a great upgrade and i would suggest it to anyone with a mac wanting something fresh and new.



  11. hi if you need a phone then get the iphone if you want an iphone without the phone get the ipod touch. I personaly have the touch im using it right now and i love it. So now that apple is alowing developers make native apps well the choices are even harder to make between the two.

  12. i prefer the feel of the Macbook pro keyboards over the macbook because the mbp feels more sturdy and is easier to type on in my opinion. Don't get me wrong the macbook has a great keyboard but the mbp is slightly better and its more like the ones your used to so there wont be a learning curve for your hands. And the Mbp has backlighting a very cool yet practical feature that i would not pass up. So those are my two cents... get the mbp if you can but if not don't sweat it the macbook has a great keyboard too :)