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  1. I had the same problem with my iBook G4 14" the problem continued for about a week every time I put it to sleep. When I updated my computer in system preferences it stopped. Not sure what update it was but i am sure it was one of the security updates. so just make sure that your sofware is up to date but if the problem continues contact apple.

  2. iPod Problem :o


    Whenever I try to play the game vortex on my 60 GB 5th generation ipod (not the 5.5 G) it freezes. After my ipod runs out of battery I plug it in and power it on and its fine again but vortex still doesn’t work. I also have purchast Pac Man and it works great. What can I do to resolve this problem?

  3. ya it is lol. i googled " ° " to inches converter and i found nothing usefull. i dont think it can be converted :mellow:


    if i where you id go to to an apple store or any store that caries The 20 inch Imac and messure it. i no it might seem odd pulling out a ruler and meshuring an imac at bestbuy or somthing. but just ask if you can meshure it im shure they will let you. but the best way is to get someone on this thred who has an imac. like yourself im getting an imac aswell but im going for the 24 inch. :)