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  1. briguy1173

    NFS Readonly

    Hey Graham, You rock! Thanks a ton. I tried out Cyberduck and everything works great. I'm really happy it was freeware too.
  2. briguy1173

    NFS Readonly

    OK, I tried using Transport and it didn't work, so I tried doing a direct connection like I would on a PC. Actually, what I have been doing so far is to publish from iWeb to a folder on a flash drive then reboot my computer into evil Vista and upload it from there. I'll try cyberduck.
  3. briguy1173

    NFS Readonly

    I have some webspace that I purchased that uses NFS as the file system. I can log into the server and view all of the files on it but any time I try to publish my html (or anything else for that matter) I get an error telling me that I do not have permissions to write to the server. When I got info on it it showed me that my permissions where to read only, and there is no way to change that there. Is there something else I need to do? Any third-party app that would allow me to write to the server? Thanks.
  4. briguy1173

    Pre iTunes 7 TV shows are a no show in Front Row

    It's wierd, some of them are coming back now, and some aren't. I didn't do anything differently
  5. briguy1173

    Scheduled sending using mail

    I've got a better way to do it. Create an Automator script that is just to send outgoing mail messages. Save it. Then go into your calendar and create a repeating event at whatever time of day that you want your messages sent at. Then set the alarm for that script to open a file and select the automator file you just created. If there are any messages in your outbox they will be sent at that time.
  6. briguy1173

    Scheduled sending using mail

    One simple but not very effective way would be to use Automator. Create a script with a pause function that pauses as many seconds as you need it too. You'd need to use calculator to figure that out. Then tag on the send outgoing messages command from mail. That would work but it would probably be to tedious to use. Or look around for an AppleScript that would tie the send function from Mail with your clock.
  7. What is Microsoft's DRM going to be like? I haven't heard specifics. I just know it will be worse
  8. briguy1173

    5G iPod freezes up since iTunes 7

    I haven't had any trouble with my 5G iPod, so it's not a universally bad updater. But it may have something to do with people's configurations. So, I guess it's still a bad updater
  9. briguy1173

    iSync and Motorola V361

    Are you trying to sync using bluetooth or a cable. Make sure your device is paired and on then hit Cmd+N in iSync. As long as iSync has the ability to recognize your device, which it doesn't always, you can then add it to your device list. I just checked iSync's page on apple.com and looked at the list of supported devices and the Motorola v361 was not listed, however, the v360 was. I don't know if there is a difference between these phones or not. But if there is you may have to wait until the next update to iSync
  10. briguy1173

    Microsoft 98

    Free they may be, but they certainly aren't as fun as iWork.
  11. briguy1173

    kcSync... what is it?

    How did you trash your iDisk. I ended my .Mac membership and the iDisk never went away and it took me forever to figure out how to get rid of it. Try System Preferences>.Mac and click on the iDisk then enable iDisk synching if it's not already. That should help you to get it back. I'm still interested to know how you managed to accidentally trash it though.
  12. briguy1173

    is it weird that i missed my mac

    PCs are the annoying bosses who encourage you to do better work but then hold you back in every way they can, all the while insisting that they are just helping you work faster... By cutting off your right arm.
  13. I've already posted this in the "Front Row Update" board, but does anybody know why the TV shows I bought in iTunes 6 don't play in the Front Row update? They play fine in iTunes 7; I made sure to check, because the symptoms in Front Row where those of a missing file. The preview was just a black screen and nothing would happen when I would click on it. I'm quite perturbed. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do?
  14. briguy1173

    Front Row Update

    Okay, so I have installed the new versions of iTunes, Front Row and QuickTime and now I can't play any TV shows that I downloaded before iTunes 7 in Front Row. I can play them just fine in iTunes, but in Front Row it shows me a black screen as the preview and won't open it. It's like I've misplaced the file, except that iTunes can still read it. Does anybody know what I should do?
  15. briguy1173

    iTunes 7

    I really like the new iTunes. However, when I'm playing a movie in full screen and I pause it and then go back to watching it using the play button on my remote the audio starts playing but not the video. If I click on the iTunes play button it goes back to the video. This is really annoying as I have come to rely on my remote even while having my hands on the keyboard, pathetic I know. Is this a new thing just with iTunes 7 or did it exist before? I only ever worked with my videos in Front Row before because I didn't like the video set up that they had before the new organization.