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  1. andmill

    Live type replacement?

    Im looking for a program to replace livetype, I need a little more then imovie will give me but dont have the money to go get final cut express right now. So is there some sort of a freeware or shareware that will be better then the titles in imovie? Thanks a lot
  2. Hey i Just found something else, on the maccast for November 22 adam has something about switching betwen different iTunes librarys. Also if you are just shareing a few moives you could add the file to you kids iTunes library, but first uncheck the "add files to iTunes library when importing" in the preferences, that will just point iTunes to the file. sorry if this is hard to understand, im about to crash....
  3. andmill

    Leopard Wishes

    Finder is a must! Bulit in support for ".exe" files (like thats going to happen) a cooler looking "expose" More minimizing efects faster/better safari Apps that dont require as much ram! A whole lot more, Apple makes really nice things you would never dream of (ie: expose) o and a new desktop background!
  4. andmill


    The maccast blogging team is great but it sometimes takes a while before storys get posted. so why not setup a fourm for the rest of us to just post links to news as it happens? maybe we could just put it in here or make a new folder for it? ideas?
  5. andmill

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    i still have the G3 iMac 350 Mhz dont use it much, but still have it as a back up in case the macbook need to be sent to apple or somthing. I would almost still use it! but it would do my video work!
  6. andmill

    Macbook Firmware Update

    its work great for me
  7. im not sure how well it would work but, you could move the itunes library to the root dir, aka hard drive, then have your kids itunes librarys there to and all share one library. Like i said im not sure if it will work, because i havent tryed it but maybe it will!
  8. andmill

    Deep Sleep on laptops

    Hey I may know just what to do!!! Its a little weird but, close the lid and wait a miniute just to be safe, then remove the battery and put it back in again, when it comes time to start up the mac it will come back just as if it were sleeping, takes a little longer though! HTH
  9. andmill

    Macworld predictions

    So macworlds coming up in a bit more then a month... What do you all think will be introduced there? Well heres what I think... 802.11n Airport base stations/cards iPhone Quad core iMacs Quad core Macbook pros 8 Core Macpros Core 2 duo Mac minis A spreadsheet program for iWork, "Charts"? What else?
  10. andmill

    MacCast software

    Sounds like a great Idea. But, like most others i dont know how to program.
  11. andmill

    Zooming in QT VR

    I was looking at the Mac Pro "Quick Time VR" and was going to take a screen shot, I hit sift and it zooms in hit ctrl and it zooms out! Has anyone knowen about this before? I may just have my head in the clouds but i havent seen anything about this before!
  12. andmill

    Best way of making processor hot

    lol, this was mostly a joke!
  13. I live in a very cold house, esp at night, I cant heat my room with a heater so i want to heat it with the computer! Ik its not going to do much but... anyway I was going to encode video every night when i go to bed, but thats going to be kind of anoying doing every night... any other ideas on how to get the processor to heat up for a long time?
  14. andmill

    iMovie Experts / Pro's

    You should upload it to Google Video! Its much better then Youtube!
  15. If you look at the tech specs it says it only has 2mb of L2 cache, but the core 2 duo has 4mb's of L2 cache.