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    Update for iLife

    What's the scuttlebutt in the rumor mills? Should I ask Santa for iLife 09 for Christmas or wait for a forthcoming release of iLife '10? Carl aka GeoScoes
  2. My local public library offers digital audio books. The catch is the MP3 files are DRM'd in Microsoft® Windows Media® player v9 format and can't be played on an iPod or the dreaded Zune. Great service- audio books for 20% of the community. Does anyone know of any tools for stripping out the DRM from Microsoft® Windows Media® player v9 MP3 files? Thanks
  3. We have a wireless internet conundrum (who doesn't). I have a new Airport Extreme Base-station (n-standard) in our basement. I bought this after frustrations with linksys and belkin routers as far as distance from router connection is concerned. My issue is not speed. Specifically, I have the router in the finished basement with my "precious" iMac Intel which is ethernet hardwired to the base-station. The PROBLEM is getting a wireless connection with my daughter's iMac G4 on the 2nd floor. This makes the problem interesting (from system profiler): iMac Power PC G4 (3.3) CPU 1 GHz\Mem 768 MB iBook G4 Power PC (1.5) CPU 1.42 GHz\Mem 1.5 GB Both of the above computers have the following wireless specs: Airport Extreme Card Firmware 405.1( Channel 1 The iBook shown above picks up the connection perfectly well in my daughter's room with a full signal level indicator but the iMac does not connect- the signal indicator is almost zero. The iMac when moved to the first floor is fine. The way I see it one solution might be to move the router to the first floor and take my "precious" off of hardwire connection and go wireless and experience a speed drop. If I have no other choice, I would prefer to throw a "few bucks" at the problem and keep my "precious" blazing. Does anyone have any other ideas? Can I buy something to extend the Airport signal further? An antenna for the Power PC iMac? Could the iMac's Airport Extreme Card be bad? Is there such a thing as an wireless n-card that plugs into a UBS port? Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. A couple of weeks ago before episode 97 my internet connection was painfully slow- 48 kbps download. I called Charter and complained. The tech had me go into Network/ TCP/IP /and input the following into the "optional" DNS Servers field: All of a sudden my download speed went up to 650 kbps- not the 1.5mbps I am paying for but an improvement. It was after this change I couldn't get anything from Podshow- including you and Dawn and Drew. It took me a couple of weeks to make the connection between the two events. It occurred to me that it was after this change I couldn't get GeekBrief. I went in and changed it back and downloaded all the recent episodes. Can someone please explain to me why this happened? In simple non-tech terms.
  5. GeoScoes

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    Here's a brain fart from hiking this afternoon. I'll take my Cali and Amber nominations for the "Mac" (replacing Justin) and switch them to "iPod". Yes, iPod. New series of commercials. New commercial: Paris Hilton= Zune Cali (or Amber)= iPod Think about it......
  6. GeoScoes

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    When I was listening to the podcast in the car on a long drive, and I heard the call for nominations, I had much time to contemplate this question. Having read previous posts, I am disappointed I don't get to post an "original" nomination, but I will enthusiastically second: choice #1: Cali Lewis choice #2: Amber (Mac) MacArthur
  7. GeoScoes

    Can't find MacBreak (video) on iPod

    Thanks- that's the ticket.
  8. for some weird reason, i have MacBreak (video) in iTunes but I can't find it on my iPod. I checked the synching and all podcasts are supposed to be synched until I delete them. also wierd, the TWIT sight has no contact button to ask such questions AND you cannot join the forum without making a contribution? If anyone can help I would be most grateful. I am a big Amber Mac fan. ; ) GeoScoes
  9. GeoScoes

    Mixed Up Album Art

    We (me, son and daughter) have two 4th gen and 1 5th gen iPods. The iPods occcasionally display the wrong album art- maybe 10% of the time. I see people have problems with missing art but ours is just wrong art. Any ideas? Thanks GeoScoes (#197)
  10. GeoScoes

    Dual 2 Core in iBook

    My faux pas. I meant MacBook and I accidentally posted twice. From the replies there does not seem to be a consensus. I am going to wait since it seems to be between now and MacWorld (January). Now what is fishy about a stupid question? I assume the question was stupid because I typed iBook rather than MacBook? Are there like conspiracy things going on around here? Like Vista Spies??????
  11. GeoScoes

    Dual 2 Core in iBook

    I was close to buying an iBook. Can/are they going to be upgraded to Core 2 Duo in the next couple months? Is it possible? Should I be concerned?
  12. GeoScoes

    Dual 2 Core in iBook

    I was close to buying an iBook. Can/are they going to be upgraded to Core 2 Duo in the next couple months? Is it possible? Should I be concerned?